06 Amazing Healthy Food Recipe Apps for Android

06 Amazing Healthy Food Recipe Apps for Android

Today’s Word is the world of smart and advanced technology. Technology has changes the lifestyle of the most of the individuals. Technology not only helps in doing work smart and accurately but also helpful in staying fit and healthy. Most of the readers thinking How technology helps to stay fit and healthy?? Let me describe in Brief. Eating home made food is one of the best way to stay fit and healthier. Cooking at home not just keep you healthier but also make you little economically stronger by saving money. Making food at home is not easier as you think, you should required some basic skills regarding cooking special food. You can refer online food recipe videos on your laptop or Television but its always possible to take laptop in kitchen and follow recipes it may cause annoying to work.

06 Amazing Healthy Food Recipe Apps for Android

1) Pepperplate


Pepperplate is app for those who loves to share and stored their own recipes.  Pepperplate is one of the favorite recipe app manager which helps you to manage your favorite recipes, shopping list and menus your android tables, smart-phones and on the web. App doesn’t contains its own recipe you have to add upload own recipes. One of the interesting feature of this app it allows you to share your favorite recipes with family or friends social media platform like facebook, twitter or email. App allow you to create menu for dinner part or holiday meal planning. App is Synchronize with laptop or computer so you can add your favorite recipe anywhere. You can take your recipe collection with you (grocery store) no internet needed.


Pepperplate can be use on computer and Phone

Allow to share recipe via email, facebook and twitter

Allow to create meal planning

Allow to import recipe from favorite site



Sign is needed to use

You can’t share shopping list


2) Garden Plate- Healthy Recipe


Vegetarian diet is one of the most preferred diet to stay fit and healthy. Want tasty green vegetarian recipes at your finger tips then just download Garden Plate android recipe app. It doesn’t matter whether your are vegan, vegetarian or just looking for green tasty dishes the Garden Plate is one of the best choice for you. App allow recipes in different categories including gluten free, vegan, raw, salads, snacks etc. App having over 65 green recipes which includes salads, deserts and raw foods. You can add or save your favorite vegetarian recipe to see later.


Over 65 green recipe

Can be optimized for all devices including tablets

Allow to save your favorite


No video tutorials

Allow full access to pro version


3) Kitchen Stories-


Want to save money while looking for android cooking apps then you search is finished. Kitchen stories is one of most popular app loaded with tons of food recipes along with step by step instructions and recipe videos to create your own favorite dishes. App is available free of cost on Google play store. App allows HD recipe video with complete guide. Allow to collect and save your favorite recipes. Step by step photo instructions to how to make your favorite recipe. Allow to share and invite your favorite recipes with friend and family.


App is Complete free of Charge

HD videos recipe guide

Layout similar to Pinterest

Shopping Section for tracking missing ingredients


No instructions

No Search function only filter option


4) My CookBook (Recipe Manager)


Looking fro android cook app to build your own recipe digital book? My CookBook is one of the most popular recipe manager app which allow you to store all your favorite recipe at one place with search and import features. App allows you to create your database of favorite recipe from the web using import features. Just simple search your favorite recipe on My CookBook search engine on the web select your favorite one and import it in My CookBook and browse it everywhere on the phone. App allows you to share your favorite recipes with your friends via facebook, emails or sms. Free version allow you to save up to 105 recipe and 7-8 shopping list in cloud. Allow to view and manage your favorite recipes on any device or computer. One of the most interesting feature of App includes having speech feature to read recipes.


Create Shopping list using your favorite recipe ingredients

Synchronize recipes with other devices

Speech feature to read recipe

Allow to open recipes on Your android Wear Watch

Share your favorite recipes with friend via facebook, email and sms.



No Video Tutorials


5) Yummly Recipes and Shopping List


Yummly is one of the most popular cooking App having more than 1 million recipe. You can search recipe according to your cooking lifestyle such as nutrition, diet, food allergies, and favorite cuisines. App allow you to add entire favorite recipes to grocery shopping list. You can collect, organize and save your favorite recipes in digital recipe box. Yummly is one of the most effective and powerful tool to search to recipe. App having attractive design with sharp images and very simple to use. App gives features recipes from some the popular name chefs. You can personalized your diet based on your taste, allergies and diets. Good news for food lovers Yummly cooking app is absolutely free of cost.


Easy to Use

Allow to search for particular ingredients, recipes and dishes

Share you favorite recipe with friends

App having an integrated smart shopping list


Needs Sign in with Google or Facebook to access all features


6) Paprika Recipe Manager

If you love to cook at home then Paprika Recipe Manager is one of the favorite app build ever. Paprika is perfect recipe manager app for everyone from beginners cook to professional chefs. Apps come with amazing features including meal planning, grocery list and ingredients scaling. You can take your favorite recipe anywhere by syn paprika cloud with any device. App built in browser allows you to search your favorite recipe online. App having powerful search tool which help you to find your delight recipe by categories like source, ingredients and name. Backup and restore your recipe collection safely.


Powerful search tool

Email Support for recipe, meal plans and Grocery list

Allow to share recipe via emails

Imports favorite recipe from desktop apps

Offline access to data


Lack of nutrient analyzer

Only Share recipe with those who have Paprika


07) Chefs Feed-Dinning Reviews


Want to know android meal app that has amazing stuff lead by master chefs. Chefs feed is one of the popular app where chefs share their recipes directly. Find the dishes when and where you want. Chefs Feed having more reviews from more than 1,000 chefs. App allow you to search for reviews according to chef, cuisine or dishes. Follow your favorite chefs for recommendation.



Follow the Chefs for Recommendation

Exclusive Videos and Stories


Chef feed features for limited cities

No powerful search tool

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