10 types of Yoga and their benefits explained

10 Types of yoga and their benefits

Have you ever tried yoga? What are the things to keep in mind at the time of doing yoga? What are the different types of yoga that is practiced in USA and also around the world? If you want the answers, look no further as Lose Weight Loss (LWL) will help in providing all the information.


Now, let us talk about yoga and the different form of it which are evolved over time. More and more people have started to adopt this fitness type which helps in physical, mental and spiritual changes in the body. In an earlier blog, we have delved into the topic which deals with the advantages of doing yoga for all age groups, do read the post and come back here. Yoga is formed by doing different poses which are also called asanas. Moreover, you will also be surprised to know that, there is a specific form of yoga for almost every fitness goals such as cardio, relaxation, flexibility and many more. There are many forms of yoga that is available to try but we have picked the ones which are most popular and easy to practice. The types which are discussed below in details are namely power yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, hot yoga, sahaja yoga, hatha yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, bikram yoga and also aerial yoga.

10 Types of yoga and their benefits

Which form of yoga is most difficult and which type is ideal for the beginners to try? I am a fitness enthusiast and have tried different workout plans which are available ranging from strength training to paleo, now I have decided to try yoga, so can you give me the right guidelines, so start working on it. To know more about yoga types and their benefits, keep reading on.

Power Yoga

The first kind of yoga in the list is power yoga. If you enroll for a power yoga class, be rest assured that you are going in for a intense yoga session which will be much more faster than the other forms and known to be very much useful for the purpose of weight loss.

Moreover, this is considered to be a vital calorie-burning exercise which can be completed in only around ten minutes. This vigrous fitness routine is know n to improve strength, muscle-building, cardio, develop posture and balance in your body which is very essential.

Vinyasa Yoga

This form of yoga is also known as flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga is also close to aerobics exercises and it helps to improve flow in the body. Some of the features of zumba classes can also be found in this yoga type as it also often including an energetic soundtrack for fast pace.

Moreover, flowing rhythm can be experienced by practicing vinyasa yoga. Almost all the physical aspects of doing yoga can be done through this yoga form. however, you will also found the perfect combination between breath and movement through this kind of yoga form.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a kind of yoga practice that is known to combine eight limbs. The overall benefits which includes physical, mental, spiritual along with meditative features of doing yoga can be experienced by doing kundalini yoga.

In addition to that, the eight different limbs of yoga are namely yama meaning discipline, niyama meaning duties, asana meaning posture, pranayama meaning breathing, pratyahara meaning sense, dharana meaning concentration, dhyana meaning meditation and also samadhi meaning enlightenment.

Hot Yoga

As you have understood, hot yoga is usually practiced by increasing the room temperature around 105º F or 40.5 C. Furthermore, you need to complete some challenging twenty-six kinds of poses which includes stretching and also calorie-burning.

Moreover, there are concerns among people whether hot yoga can affect your body in a negative manner but study by American Council on Exercise (ACE) said otherwise. You also need to know that hot yoga is not always possible in your home and hot yoga studios provide the right infrastructure.

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Sahaja Yoga

This is a special kind of yoga form which does not include any type of yoga asanas. The main aim of doing sahaja yoga is to and to reach to a state in inner awareness or self realization, an experience which provides you with the right spiritual sense.

In addition to that, according to this type of yoga, energy is originally found at base of the spinal cord. Furthermore, you need to practice this special kind of yoga on a regular basis. Also, you must know that, the meaning of the word sahaja is co-emergent.

Hatha Yoga

The next in line is hatha yoga. This is considered to be one of the best form of yoga for those who have just began doing yoga and yet to move into the more complicated types of asanas which needs a lot of body control and also high level of flexibility in the body.

Furthermore, this form of yoga is also the most popular one in the yoga industry and also teaches you to do the essential yoga poses. you will easily find hatha yoga classes nearby your place and do enroll yourself in order to experience the joy of doing yoga.You can also take help of Yoga apps available for iPhone and Android to become your own yoga teacher. 

Restorative Yoga

As you can understand from the name, restorative yoga aims to restore calmness in your body. Unlike other forms of yoga, there are not many poses but only around five. Do remember that, you will need bolsters, blocks and blankets for this type of yoga.

In addition to that, you get to learn doing passive stretching by restorative yoga. You will also be surprised to know that, between 175 to 298 calories can be burned with the help of this kind of yoga firm. try to hold the poses as long as possible through this yoga format.

Yin Yoga

This is the form of yoga which is known for being done in much slow place that the other types of yoga. For that purpose, yin yoga poses are generally held for five minutes or longer and is good for those who are beginners in learning yoga.

In addition to that, if you want to go for the spiritual aspect of doing yoga, then this one of the best form of yoga to practice. You should also know that, doing yin yoga helps to tackle different kinds of mental illness by decreasing your trauma and anxiety.

Iyengar Yoga

This form of yoga focuses on structural alignment of the body more than anything else and it strives to focus all of your thoughts and energy in the poses that you practice. Some of the asanas of the iyengar yoga is known to work wonders in relation to neck pain and back pain.

In addition to that, by doing this special form of yoga, you can gain better posture and much more flexibility than before. Along with toning you muscle and body, this form of yoga helps to increase strength and provides you with the power to combat deadly diseases causes is nervous and circulatory system.

Aerial Yoga

The last form which we will be discussing in the post is aerial yoga. It is also called anti-gravity yoga. As the name suggests , this type of yoga asanas are practiced in the air with the help of hammock. This fitness practice is also used in pilates and some forms of dance.

Moreover, make sure that you are using specially made hammocks which are made to withstand around 300 kilos of weight. Also, support chains hang from the floor and hammock is connected at the height of around one meter from the ground or the one that is favored by the yoga practitioner.

Do Go for Yoga:

So now, all these forms of yoga will help you to understand which type(s) among them, that you should try now. Along with yoga, meditation plays a big part in modifying your body and bringing aspects of well-being to your own self. You should also do meditation. It is also a true fact that many celebrities have adopted this particular fitness program and seems to be enjoying it. Yoga DVDs are available in the market and also many yoga studios, so get them and you can also Practice  yoga at home in your own pace. Moreover, with the growth of science and technology, there are many online yoga classes which can suit to your needs. They are also favored by people for its structural patterns of different poses. Thus, the time has come for the yoga lovers to start practicing these different forms of yoga and not forget to share with us about their experience in the below comment section!

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