10 Top Super Foods needed for Quick Healing

Super Foods needed for Quick Healing

Have you suffered from wounds? Did you undergo any kind of surgery? Are you aware of the most important food items that you must start to have from now on in order to quicken your recover process? Lose Weight Loss will be providing with the complete assistance needed for fast healing.


Now, it is time to talk about the vital things that everybody must keep in mind for getting back to being fit after suffering from any surgery or wounds? Moreover, it is also important to know about the precautions that you must be talking in this particular time frame in order to avoid any type of dangerous ailments. In the below post, the team has provided you with the list of foods that you must consume during this period for the purpose of going through the Wound healing process in the right way. They are namely green beans, Swiss chard, oily fish, strawberries, milk, cauliflower, eggs, olive oil, ginger and also cantaloupe.

Super Foods needed for Quick Healing

What are the different types of wounds and the necessary medications that are needed to be taken in order to get cure quickly? What are the natural superfoods to boost healing process? What should be most important diet chart that must be maintained during the period of recovery from any surgery or wound? To know the complete answers, keep going through the blogpost thoroughly.

Green Beans

Do note that, the green beans are considered to be a rich source of vitamins A, C, and K. Moreover, keep in mind that around 150 grams of green beans contains 28 calories, 0.55 grams of fat, 5.66 grams of carbohydrate, 2.6 grams of fiber, 1.94 grams of sugar along with that 1.42 grams of protein.

In addition to that, according to research conducted it has been found out that including more plant foods in your daily meal plan such as green beans, is known to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality, increases energy, and ensures overall lower weight.

Swiss Chard

Do understand that, considered a relative of the beet, Swiss chard is an excellent source of vitamins C, E, and K, as well as fiber, zinc, and calcium. Swiss chard has wide green leaves with stalks that range in color from white to red to yellow. The taste is a combination of bitter and salty.

In addition to that, there are many other benefits of this nutrition-packed vegetable that most are not much aware about. The reasons to eat this particular superfood is that, it supports bone health, it helps to fight stress-related disease and is also known to hold anti-inflammatory properties.

Oily Fish

Do note that, as well as being good for your brain and eyesight, the fats in oily fish can act as natural painkillers for many conditions due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, studies have suggested that regularly eating oily fish can help reduce the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

In addition to that, you must keep in mind that fish oil can help treat lower back and neck pain. Along with that, it is said to be very useful for women as it has been have found through the process of research that the fish oil can help reduce menstrual pain and cramps.


The strawberries have a preventive effect against heart disease due to their high polyphenol content. The polyphenols are plant compounds that are good for the body. Also, the flavonoid quercetin, which is also present in strawberries, is a natural anti-inflammatory that appears to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

In addition to that, do keep in mind that, it is suggested that consuming 400 grams (g) of fruit and vegetables a day can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. This particular fruit makes an ideal choice for those who have diabetes, and a safe, delicious addition to any diet.


Do remember that, the dairy products such as milk can aid in the healing process of wounds due to high concentrations of protein and zinc. However, do note that, there is also a part played by proteins which is said to be found in milk in terms of the wound healing process.

In addition to that, you will be surprised to know about some additional qualities of drinking milk as it helps you to quit some bad habits. According to research into foods that may help smokers break the habit and discovered that smokers found drinking milk before lighting up worsened the taste of their cigarette.

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If you are thinking about a poewerfood to be included in your meal for quick recovery, then go for cauliflower. Also, with its rich supply of health-promoting phytonutrients, high level of anti-inflammatory compounds, and ability to ward off cancer, heart disease, brain disease and even weight gain.

In addition to that, do keep in mind that, cauliflower are especially useful for preventing breast cancer in addition to colon, liver, lung and stomach cancers. Along you that, you must also note that, the cruciferous vegetables are rich in glucosinolates which is a large group of beneficial sulfur-containing compounds.


It is important for you to remember that the eggs are a great source of protein which is found in the egg white and it also contain many vitamins in the yellow yolk. Their nutritive value is 80 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fat. They mostly contain vitamin A and D but also contain zinc and iron.

In addition to that, during wound healing, you will need at least two to three servings a day of protein. If you do not get enough protein, some of it will go toward providing your body with energy, instead of healing your wound. So, you must try to have eggs during this particular period of recovery.

Olive Oil

It is vital for you to keep in mind that olive oil is the natural oil extracted from olives, the fruit of the olive tree. Along with that, do note that, around 14% of the oil is saturated fat, whereas 11% is polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to that, the predominant fatty acid in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, making up around 73% of the total oil content. Moreover, it is known that the oleic acid helps in reducing inflammation and may even have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer. You may also like to read our post regarding the 10 anti-cancer superfoods to eat.ย 


It is important to note that, ginger is an all-round good health food, being high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. However, ginger’s most reputed benefit is its effectiveness at treating all types of nausea, making it a great alternative to motion sickness tablets when traveling.

However, to help ease the nausea associated with travel sickness, try eating crystallised ginger or ginger biscuits, or drink some ginger tea or ginger ale. Moreover, it is important to note that, ginger is considered to be one of the food items which are very useful as part of healthy food combinations out there.


It is important to know that any type of superfruit is considered to be an essential part of any healing diet plan. The particular fruit that we are going to talk about is cantaloupe which is also known as musk melon, must be considered to e fruit to be eaten regularly during this time-frame.

Moreover, it contains beta carotene which is a type of carotenoid. Carotenoids are pigments that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors. Once eaten, beta carotene is either converted into vitamin A or acts as a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals that attack cells in your body.

Eat Right For Faster Recovery:

So, you have understood the importance of having a proper meal plan at the time of recovery from any type of wound or surgery. Moreover, it is essential to take additional care during this period as there are more chances of getting affected as the body is going through the healing process. Along with that, in an earlier article, we have mentioned in detail about the steps and procedures that are most important to follow in order to fix any kind of abdominal separation. You must read the blogpost till the end before coming back to this blog for finding more information about important ailments. Thus, the arrived for the readers to share their importance feedback with us on the same without any fail!

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