10 Power Foods to help Older People to Stay Healthy

Healthy foods for older people to stay healthy

Are you growing old? Are you facing more and more health complications? What the things that the older generation needs to always remember about living a healthy and fitter lifestyle? The team at Lose Weight Loss (LWL) will help to solve all the important queries about having the most nutritious and simple diet chart in order to counter any old-age issues.


Now, we will talk about the best food items that the elder people must consume on a daily basis. The seniors require fewer calories as they age, so it is important that the foods they do consume are beneficial to their health. All the foods are simple to purchase and prepare, but are full of nutrients and vitamins proven to help combat the effects of aging. Superfoods provide the nutrition the body needs to function properly and slow cognitive decline. These foods are also known for protecting delicate brain cells and reducing the risk of cognitive impairment. Here are some of the best superfoods for boosting brain health in older adults. In addition to that, the powerfoods which will be mentioned in the below post are trusted and suggest by nutrition experts. The names of the foods in this list are shellfish, sweet potato, lentils, olive oil, squash, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, whole grain and also grapes.

Healthy foods for older people to stay healthy

What are the major foods that should always be avoided as you grow older? What are the mistakes that the people who are old commit while deciding their food plan? What are the wrong eating habits that the elder population have that needs to be corrected? In order to know more, you must go through the article till the end.


The shellfish is known to be an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and iron. Along with that, steamed or boiled clams are a great option for seniors who are not getting enough protein in their regular meal.

Do remember that, due to potential issues with their immune systems, seniors should never eat any shellfish that has not been thoroughly cooked. The other sea foods which you can try includes oysters which tend to be the most nutrient-dense shellfish. Other great options include mussels, crayfish, and sea snails.

Sweet Potato

Do not that sweet potatoes are packed with both nutrients and a sweet flavor, and are one of the most versatile and healthful vegetables available for good senior nutrition. They naturally contain disease-preventing, cancer-fighting and immune-boosting benefits.

In addition to that, they are good sources of the anti-inflammatory nutrients, vitamins A and C, making them an excellent food choice for those suffering from arthritis or asthma. This root vegetable may also help people who suffer from diabetes because it ranks low on the glycemic index.


A lentil is a nutrient-dense legume that contains almost all of the amino acids the human body requires. Much like quinoa, studies have revealed that lentils can lower the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, IBS, and other common medical disorders.

Moreover, a single cup of cooked lentils only contains 230 calories, but the amount of fiber and protein leave people feeling full for hours. There are plethora of foods items which are available and can be eaten with the lentils who have added flavor along with making them more nutritious.

Olive Oil

According to research shows that monosaturated fat, which olive oil contains profusely, lowers cholesterol levels and may also help keep insulin levels low and improve the control of blood sugar. This healthy fat also contains vitamin K, which aids blood clotting, and vitamin E, an antioxidant.

In addition to that, the olive oil having high content of monosaturated fat can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve blood sugar levels, and help keep insulin levels down. The different important elements in olive oil helps in blood-clotting and in the creation of red blood cells.


Among the many forms of squash which are available in the marketplace, you must go for butternut squash as this type of squash is a good place to start. This food is over-the-top with beta-carotene, which is great for eye health.

In addition to that, it is also packed with vitamin C to benefit your heart, and it is also known to be very high in fiber to lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels which helps to fight many dangerous ailments.


You must keep in mind that asparagus is high in lycopene, which can protect your prostate. The vegetable is also rich with vitamin A which is important for eye health and your immune system along with fiber which is also known to be important for keeping your body fit.

In addition to that, asparagus is also called as one of the most nutritious food out there. it is also a very good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells. That’s good news if you’re watching your blood sugar.

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There are many different types of mushrooms which are useful for the older population. Among them, the crimini mushrooms are a nutrition powerhouse with the potential to ward off disease. They are a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, B3 along with B5, pantothenic acid and niacin.

You will be surprised to know that the foods that have niacin can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease as there has been an association between niacin intake and age-related cognitive decline prevention. They have found that the niacin in vitamin pills do not measure up to the same protective power which helps to fight diseases like heart attacks and strokes.


The Tomatoes are thought to be one of the most healthiest superfoods that one must include in their daily diet. Fresh tomatoes contain a vital nutrient known as lycopene. The people from older generation can have tomatoes in both ways which includes raw and cooked.

In addition to that, according to a recent study carried out at Boston University, regularly consuming lycopene can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease by as much as 30 percent. Some smaller studies have found that tomatoes may fight off urinary tract infections as well.

Whole Grain

Having whole grains is a must thing to have as many seniors have a folic acid deficiency and fortified whole-grain cereal is an excellent, easy source of this very important nutrient. You can also add it with other important food combinations.

In addition to that, eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases, including stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The variety of options and flavors available make it easier to find a fortified cereal for every taste and diet preference.


In accordance to research, this particular fruit of the vine lowered blood pressure, improved heart function and reduced risk factors for metabolic syndrome, a condition affecting an estimated 50 million Americans that is often a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, the phytochemicals, sometimes called phytonutrient, are naturally occurring antioxidants that grapes contain. Polyphenols, also often mentioned as health enhancers in grapes, are an antioxidant phytochemical that tends to prevent or neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals.

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Ideal Superfoods for Elders:

So now, these food list will make things much more easier for the senior citizens to choose the diet which ideal for them. The super foods are nutrient-packed powerhouses, yet, even without any solid medical definition, it is common knowledge that people who eat super foods are healthier than others. We will focus on the specific groups of super foods recommended for a senior citizen’s diet, primarily to reduce inflammation which is the single biggest cause of fatigue and autoimmune disease which overwhelms the body as we age. Thus, the time has come for the older people to take a look at the foods and include them in their regular dishes and share with us about the changes that they experience after having them!

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