10 Best Powerfoods that you should Consume at Winter

10 Best Powerfoods that you Should Consume at Winter

Do you love the winter times? What foods items are there that you must consume during the season of winter? What is the ideal diet chart that is necessary to have for the purpose of keeping your more fit during this particular time of the year? The Lose Weight Loss (LWL) team is here to help you find the super foods that are ideal to have during the winter months.


Now, we will be discussing about the vital foods which can help to maintain yourself and counter the harsh winter climate in the right way. Moreover, as there are more chances of getting sick in this particular time of the tear, you should take extra care about the kind of food items that you are having. Do also remember that the superfoods that is listed for you to read are not only healthier but equally delicious and also affordable at the same time. You must note that, all the foods which made to list below are approved by doctor and food experts, so you need to be worried about adding them in your daily food plan during the winter seasons. The foods whose amazing benefits are talked about in detail are tuna, swiss chard, kiwifruit, peas, turmeric, lentils, carrots, oatmeal, sunflower seeds along with cabbages.

10 Best Powerfoods that you Should Consume at Winter

What the things that you should avoid doing during the season of winter? What are the food items that must not be eaten in winter for the sake of keeping your body healthy? What health issues that needs to be tackled in the right manner at time of winter? For the need of finding the ultimate winter super food list, you must keep reading the article.


The first food item in the list of winter foods is tuna and this powerfood is preferred because of the many unique ways that you can cook them and eat them such as baked as well as boiled. You must also try tuna sushi dish.


In addition to that, the vital ingredient which are found in the tuna fish are vitamin D that really work wonders for those who have weaker bone structure and is also known to reduce the risk of getting heart attacks in the future. In our earlier Post We discuss about the foods to counter heart diseases

Swiss Chard

The Swiss chard is known as dark leafy greens which is a must to eat at the time of the colder seasons. If you are looking for a green food which have less calorie but is full of nutrients, then you should go for this particular superfood item.

Swiss Chard

Moreover, vitamins A and K along with beta-carotene are the most important elements which are available in this superfood. Another thing, that needs to remembered is that, you must not throw way the steps of this food which can be sliced and added to the other foods in order to enhance their health quotient.


One of the fruits that needs to eaten during winter is the kiwifruit. This superfruit is known to contain vitamin C which works as an antioxidant which is essential in order to keep you in healthy condition at the time of harsh cold season.


In addition to that, the other essential elements that are found in this food includes zeaxanthin as well as lutein that is known to help those who are having problems with their eyesight. It also has good amount of fiber that is needed for the purpose of better digestion.


Among the various form of peas which are out there, the green peas are the most common ones and is considered to be a superfood at the time of chilly season. However, it is important to know that peas come from the family of legumes.

Peas the healthy food to eat in winter

Moreover, the many forms of important elements that are found in this powerfood includes folate, niacin, pf soluble fiber, potassium, vitamin C along with protein. Also, this food is really helpful for maintaining cholesterol level in your blood.


The next superfood in the list is the superspice named turmeric. This food makes it the list of many superfoods because of the various health benefits that you can enjoy after consuming this particular food item.


In addition to that, you must have foods which can decrease you chances of getting flu or cold ad for that reason, you must have turmeric. For the purpose to reduce in cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory and digestion problems, you must be eating this power food.


The lentils contain many useful ingredients which are considered to be essential to become fit specially in the chillier times of the year. The ways to cook this superfood are many as you can boil along with bake it. You can also add it with other foods for food combos.


Moreover, the various forms of health benefits that you can have after consuming lentils on a regular basis consists of digestion along with controlling blood sugar levels. You must note that folate, dietary fiber and magnesium are found in this powerfood which comes in different colors of yellow, green brown and red.

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In order to successfully tackle the harsh climate of winter, you must definitely go for carrots as they are known to contain a strong antioxidant in the name of beta carotene. You must also remember that the color of the carrot comes from amount of beta carotene which is present in it.


In addition to that, the different parts of your body which can be improved by regular consumption of this particular food item are hair, eye bones along with skin. Do also increase your immunity power by eating more carrots.


Having oats in the form of oatmeal should be taken all throughout the year but eating it during the winter, helps the body to replenish the essential elements into the body which it consists of. This is also, one of the budget foods out there.


Moreover, you must consider having this powerfood with other meals to make good food combinations. The benefit of this particular dish is that, it consists of soluble fiber along with zinc which is vital for better heart and increasing immunity power, respectively.

Sunflower Seeds

The sunflower seed is the only seed that have made it to the list of powerfoods which are ideal for the winter. For the purpose of looking after your eyes as well as skin, you must go for having sunflower seeds.

Sunflower Seeds the foods to eat in winter

In addition to that, the powerful elements that are available in this particular superfood is selenium which is a strong antioxidant, fatty acids, zinc, copper, iron thiamin along with Vitamin E as some of these will help in keeping your heart in better shape.


The ultimate food in this list is cabbage and is known to come under the family of cruciferous. You must also be aware of the fact that many dangerous cancer diseases such as ovarian, breast, colon as well as lung can be easily tackled with the help of cabbage. If you also want to know about the anti-cancer foods then we already discuss about it in our previous post. 


Moreover, the most important ingredients which are found int this particular powerfood includes vitamin C and also fiber. It is also advised by nutritionists to go for the cabbages which are about the red color. many ways to have them is also beneficial for eating it in the chillier season.

Top Super Foods for Winter:

So now, the vital information which is shared with you all about the things that you must eat at the winter season. In addition to that, you should always keep in mind that the chilly weather affects not only the clothes you are wearing but also the foods that you are consuming during that time. It is also a true fact that your body does experiences changes in metabolism as well as energy levels to some form or the other. In an earlier post, we have mentioned about the best food items which are considered to be ideal for the older generation. Do read that particular post and come back to this part to learn more about superfoods. The time has come for all those who are finding it difficult to choose the ultimate food plan for the colder times of the year to try out all the powerfoods from above. However, do not forget to provide us about the changes that you have experienced after having them!

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