10 Superfoods ideal for Children to Consume

10 Superfoods ideal for children to consume

Do you have kid(s)? Do your children create problems while eating foods? Are you not sure about the right foods items which should be given to the young kid(s) in order to make them more healthy and strong? All the questions will be discussed by the Lose Weight Loss team in the below post.


Now, let us discuss about the powerfoods which are highly beneficial for the children and plays an important part in the physical and mental growth. Moreover, it is also a vital task of the parent(s) and guardians to ensure that the kid(s) are eating the food at the right time and in the right amount. In addition to that, the foods should be also modified in order to make sure that children are willing to eat them. The superfoods which are talked about are namely sunflower seeds, tuna, oatmeals, eggs, sweet potato, milk, nuts, olive oil, avocados and also apples. However, be very careful in choosing the foods as you need to keep in mind that overall well-being of your kid(s) should be your top priority. Also, keep in mind that you need to make exciting and nutritious foods combinations combining the top powerfoods in order to give the most healthy diet to the children.

10 Superfoods ideal for children to consume

What are the things to remember about the well-being of your children? What are the ideal foods for Children ? I have children and am having difficulty with giving the right meals which also has a correct combinations of nutrition and taste which are liked by the kid(s), so can you help with the perfect food plan that my children will love to eat? In order to find the answer, read about the food items which are mentioned in the blog.

Sunflower Seeds

The very first food item which we will be featuring in the list is sunflower seeds. You can help to grow a habit of eating sunflower seeds for your kid(s), which is very healthy option for them. However, remember to provide them with fresh ones.

Moreover, the different elements which are found in sunflower seeds are magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin E, folate and also iron. Also, do keep in mind that the fat content in the seeds are good for your body as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are considered to be good fats.


Among the fishes out there, tuna is considered to be very nutritious and ideal for the kid(s). You should never give them too much of fish as it can create digestion problems. In ideal condition, go for white albacore tuna and canned light tuna one an weekly basis.

Moreover, there are many food combination options for you to make for your children such as tuna fish sandwich where you should also need to use whole wheat bread. However, do also note that tuna fish is the favorite of many kid(s).


Do note that, oatmeals are not only beneficial for the kid(s) but also considered to be useful for people of all ages. There are many choices which are available in the market, where the food item can be bought in different flavors for the children to enjoy them.

In addition to that, oatmeals are also considered to have a high fiber content that is good for your children, just like most other whole grain foods. You can also make oatmeal made items at the home such as oatmeal bars and oatmeal cookies, which the children will love to have.


The next food item in the line is eggs. One of the healthiest protein foods out there, This food item is also considered as one of the most nutritious option which is ideal for your children’s growth and development.

In addition to that, an egg daily contains a optimum amount of vitamins which is also very essential for the overall nourishment of the kid(s). However, many children suffer from food allergies which is eggs in this case. In those situations, it is highly advised to take help from doctors. If your kids having allergies then we already discuss about the Anti-Allergy Superfoods to have. 

Sweet Potato

For the kid(s), parents can serve them with mashed or boiled sweet potatoes. Try to also provide them with sweet potato combination foods like sweet potato pancakes. Not only these food item is easy to digest for the children but also very healthy.

Moreover, the different nutritious elements that you will find in this particular powerfood are manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, dietary fiber, low saturated fat and also vitamins A, B6 and C.


Milk is one of the essential nutritious diet for the kids to give. Do remember that, it is a good natural source of protein and carbohydrates along with other important nutrients which are useful for the children. Also, do ensure that the kid have minimum of two glasses of milk in a day.

In addition to that, try to feed your children with different combinations of foods which has milk such as with cereals, milkshakes and also smoothies. However, you can also include fresh cream which is made in home from whole milk and use them in the favorite fruit salad of your kid(s).

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There are many kid(s) who generally have allergies related to nuts. For them, take assistance from the nutritionists or food experts. However, do also remember to not give whole nuts to the young children as there is always a risk of getting chocked.

In addition to that, there are many different kinds of nuts which you can give to the kid(s) namely cashews, pistachios, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and also walnuts. Also, ensure that they do not have too many if them as they can cause other digestion issues.

Olive oil

The last food item that we are going to talk about is olive oil. As you can easily decipher olive oil is made from olives. Also, do remember that, the oil which is processed without any kind of chemical treatment is called the virgin olive oil.

In addition to that, olive oil is known to contain good fatty acids, which are said to be very useful for helping your kid(s) to gain weight. Do also keep in mind that olive oil can be very handy for keeping the skin of your children more healthy and shiny.


Do keep in mind, that this particular food can be found in every powerfood list because of the nutritious qualities that it bears. Specially, for the children, you can give mashed avocado along with avocado puree for them to eat.

In addition to that, Avocados are known to be very rich in fat and dietary fiber content along with containing all the necessary forms of vitamins and minerals, which you would like your children to consume.


The list is going to end with one of the best fruits that the kids love to eat and that is – apples. These sweet and juicy foods are also known to have less calorie content along with fibers and some amounts of vitamin C.The vitamins B and C are known to quicken skin cell production and also strengthen nails and hair .

However, along with eating the apples in raw form, there many food combinations that you can feed the children are apple juice and applesauce. However, it is always preferred to eat the whole apple in order to have the necessary nutrients.

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Right Foods for Kid(s):

So now, these foods will helped the mothers and parent(s) to have a better understanding of the food items to buy for the purpose of cooking meals for their children. In some cases, some children suffer from being underweight because of not eating properly and right foods items is necessary for them to gain weight. In a later blog, we are going to talk about powerfoods to eat for kid(s) to gain weight. So keep coming back for more content on children’s foods. It is a true fact, it becomes cumbersome for prepare ideal foods for them as they tend to very picky about foods according to their moods and it is important for you to give the best shot and hope that, they like your food item and ask for more. Also, remember to not give any dull meals to eat and try possible tricks to make kid-friendly foods. Thus, the time has come for the readers who are mothers and parent(s) to prepare the best food meals for their children and tell us about the their feedback on the same in the comment section below!

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