10 Superfoods to better your skin, hair and nails

10 Foods for healthier skin, hairs and nails

Everybody is concerned with their inner body bout your outerself should also be healthy. The parts of the body which makes up for your outer appearance are nails, skin and hair. Lose Weight Loss (LWL) has come up with the superfoods to take care of outer portion of your own body.


The unnatural products which are available in the market claims to improve the quality of your hair and skin along with your nails but their effectively in the long-run in highly questionable. In addition to that, you should also note that, many of the products are known to have many harmful side-effects and can also deteriorate your health. The solution that you should always go for are natural solutions and the website is aimed at solely providing natural answers to all your health related issues. The superfoods which are talked about in this blog generally consists of fruits and vegetables along with other nutritious food items. We have here to explain to the readers about the reasons to have these foods to improve their nails, skin and hair. There are namely avocado, carrots, eggs, oysters, tomatoes, chia seeds, dark chocolate, apples, kale and also pumpkin.

10 Foods for healthier skin, hairs and nails


What are the best foods to try to better my skin, nails and hair? What are the best natural foods for healthy skin and hair?  There are many products which are available in market to look after our hair, skin and nails but I want to try some natural products in the terms of superfoods, so can you suggest me some names that I can go for? To look for the answers, you must read the post along with the details of the foods.


The first on the list of beauty superfoods is avocado. This food is considered one of the best natural solution for glowing skin. It also can be applied in order to moisturize dry and damaged skin and helps them to rejuvenate.

avocado for healthy skin and nails

In addition to that, avocados are known to contain around thirty grams of fat, which helps to plump out skin cells along with providing with the needed nourishment. Moreover, it can also helps to fight eczema, acne or psoriasis like skin problems. In addition to these avocados also having anti-aging properties helps to fight wrinkles in skin 


Carrot is a food that you must have, if you are looking to improve the health of your skin, hair and also nails. It is known that carrots make you glow but they also give your skin a golden tint along with helping in balancing hormones.


Moreover, this food item which also help you to achieve clearer skin and also fight cases of hormonal acne. In addition to that, for having silky and shinier skin, it is always recommended to consume carrots on a regular basis.


Egg yolk is known to be very nutritious which contains amounts of proteins such as biotin and folate along with vitamins A and D. If you are thinking of a food for quick hair growth and also brittle hair and hair loss, then go for eggs.

eggs for healthy hair and skin

In addition to that, egg is also known to have iron. Do note that, iron is important for your body’s production of new cells and you can also apply the egg yolk topically to your hair scalp in order to infuse the root of your hair.


Oyster is a seafood that is known to work wonders for a person’s skin, hair and also nails. Zinc is known to contain in oysters which is very beneficial for your skin and it helps in repair and replacement of bad skin cells in the body.


Along with the skin, zinc is also known to be very useful for the hair along with the nails. Furthermore, you must also consume oyster if your are looking to better your eyesight or control your weight because it helps to kill appetite.


Another very useful food which can also be use externally are tomatoes. This is a popular food item which can be eaten in many forms along with having many storage ways such as ketchup, tomato juice and also tomato sauce which are available in cans.

tomatoes for glowing skin

In addition to that, tomatoes are also known as one of the best foods to use for taking care of your skin. The food contains a very high content of antioxidant which is ideal for protecting the skin from any kind of sun damage. Tomatoes also acts as low fat superfoods those want to lose extra pounds. 

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds is one of the best seeds to treat problem s in your skin, hair and nails. You should remember that omega-3 fatty acids are very useful for keeping your skin more healthy which is possible by strengthening the cell membranes.

chia seeds

Moreover, the chia seeds are also contain good percentage of minerals which are very essential in order to harden your nails along with improving skin cell growth and hair. the antioxidants in the chia seeds also help to prevent skin from getting affected from toxins.

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Dark Chocolate

There are many benefits of having dark chocolate in their right proportions for your body. The things that constitute of dark chocolate are about sixty percentage of cocoa along with having large content of flavanol.

dark chocolate for healthy skin

This is one of the best foods to have if your looking to protect your skin from the harmful rays of sunlight and it controls skin sun damage by keeping your skin much more hydrated. Moreover, it also does not cause any acne on your skin.


Apple is a very healthy fruit that you must have in order to take better care of your skin, hair and nails of the body. The vitamins B and C are known to quicken skin cell production and also strengthen nails and hair.


Their is more level of antioxidant whic is hiuugely benefitial for thisew wjo want to make their skin glow. Tyr to use apples as a form of skin toner or face mask and it known to prevent sunburns and skin issues such as acne.


Kale is also called as the queen of greens because of the amazing benefits that is has on your body. The fatty acids of omega-3 which is found in this food helps to give healthy texture and nourishment to your hair.

kale food for healthy nail

The content of vitamin C in kale is known to improve you skin and it also helps to strength the collagen fibers. In addition to that, to prevent to your skin to be affected by harmful ultra-violet radiation, you must also consume kale.


The last on the list healthy superfoods is pumpkin. One of the biggest mistake that most people make while having pumpkin is eating them either roasted or salted. However, it is advised to nutritionists to always try organic and raw pumpkin seeds.

pumpkin superfoods for glowing skin

Pumpkin is said to be very rich in omega 3 fatty acids along with protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, biotin. remember that, having 1/4 cup a day will ensure clearer skin and also stronger hair and nails.

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Superfoods for your Outerself:

So now, you will know about the advantages of taking these food items and including them in your daily diet plan, if you are thinking of rejuvenating your skin, nails and also hair. It is true fact that men and also some women tend to neglect these outer section of their body which impacts their overall health in the older days. Along with keeping them clean, you need to eat these foods which help make them more healthier. In addition to that, most of the people are looking for home-remedies which are natural in order to look after their outer-self because of less time for the working population. Furthermore, it is very important for the readers to know that, there results are not seen instantly and takes some time to show and tend to much more long-lasting that the market products which also may contain harmful chemicals. Thus, the time has come for you to start eating these foods to have healthier skin, hair and nails. Do not forget to share your feedback in below comments!

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