Things about breastfeeding that new moms must know about

breastfeeding tips for new moms

Are you looking for some breastfeeding ideas for you new-born? What are the most safe breastfeeding tips that every mew mother can try? What mistakes that most moms makes while breastfeeding their baby(ies)? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) is here to provide a complete guidelines regarding all your concerns in relation to breastfeeding.


There are many theories regarding to the right breastfeeding methods that all new mothers should implement. Most new mothers are worried about breastfeeding and are always looking for the correct guidance to help them. They are always concerned about whether the new born is getting proper quality and quantity of milk. The different techniques that all new mothers should implement in terms of correct breastfeeding ideas are drinking water often, knowing about lactation, understanding human colostrum, learning to produce more milk, never scrubbing your nipples, trying inverted nipples, using breastfeed pump, nursing your baby(ies) properly, do practicing to breastfeed and also discussing breastfeeding goals. We have helped to must the many myths that are associated with breastfeeding and try to find the perfect solutions which will help the new mothers during this period.

breastfeeding tips for new moms

What are the things about breastfeeding that the new mothers should always be aware of? I have recently delivered a baby, can you share some easy and useful tips about the ways to breastfeed my new-born baby(ies) in the right way? To know the answers to the given questions asked by mothers, you need to read the article till the end.

Drink Water Often

One of the things that you should remember even fore starting to breastfeed your baby(ies) is to drink maximum water and always try to stay fully hydrated. It is necessary to drink water at regular intervals during pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy periods.

In addition to that, you should remember that drinking more amount of water will ensure more production of breast milk which will be useful as your baby(ies) will be able to enjoy breast milk of the mother.

Know about Lactation

The next important thing that we are going to discuss here is about lactation. It is important to note that, lactation is defined as the process of secretion of milk from mammary glands of mothers during the breastfeeding period.

Will taking hot showers ensure more breast milk production? Is there any chance of running out of breast milk? For the purpose of your lactation related queries, you can definitely consult a lactation expert in this regard.

Understand human Colostrum

According to the scientific definition, it is important to note that the colostrum is regarded as the first form of milk which is produced by the mammary glands of the mothers immediately following the delivery of the newborn baby(ies).

They are highly dependent on the colostrum o their mother. the reason for this is that, it helps to build the immunity system of the baby(ies) from the initial one to two months after the birth, which is important for them to protect them from any external diseases.

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Learn to Produce more Milk

The primary concern of most new moms staring to breastfeed their baby is the loss amount if breast milk that is produced. However, it is important to know n about the many ways by which, you can definitely increase the count gradually.

Do remember that you need to make sure that the baby(ies) is latching to your breasts in the right manner. In addition to that, there are many superfoods which every new mother should consume in order to increase their production of breast milk.

Never Scrub your Nipples

One of the things that you should always keep in mind while looking after your nipples during the post-pregnancy period is never scrubbing them as it will result in them getting toughened them up in the process.

Moreover, it is a true fact that many women complain about many breast or nipple related problems during their breastfeeding time which should never be neglected. In addition to that keeping your nipples soft will also help your new-born baby(ies). You may also like our post regarding common Periods Problems every women must know

Try Inverted Nipples

You should also know about another concern that some mothers face are those with inverted nipples. However, there are talks about the necessary of plastic inverted nipple and its effectiveness in terms of breastfeeding your baby(ies).

It is a true fact that the new born baby(ies) face some difficultly handling the plastic inverted nipples initially. For that purpose, you can take the help of the nipple shields. Do remember that, overtime, the breast tissue will be properly adjusted.

Use Breastfeed Pump

Another popular gadget among the new mothers is the breast milk pumping device. The concerned mothers and those who are suggestion from lactation failure use this tools to secrete maximum milk from their breasts and then feed their baby(ies) from feeding bottle.

There are many breastfeed pumps which are available in the market. the different advantages of using it is that, including infant formula with breastmilk, using during an emergency supply for breastmilk and also cases of breast engorgement and also to ensure rest while feeding multiple new born babies.

Nurse your baby(ies) Properly

Most new mothers who do not have proper experience of lactation or breastfeeding, tend to get impatient quickly and also get further worried about the feeding habits of the new born baby (ies). However, it is important to know the techniques to nurse them.

It is important to note that the the change in the feeding timings of the baby(ies) is referred to as the cluster feeding habits. Most new moms who have the understanding of the reason of change in the feeding hours and need to adjust accordingly.

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Do Practice to Breastfeed

The best advice that most new mothers can get about breastfeeding is knowing more about it by practicing to breastfeed their baby(ies). However, you need to learn about the different new trends in breastfeeding techniques and the use of right tools.

In addition to that, the different concerns related to breastfeeding which are talked about the in the previous points can also be tackled with regular breastfeeding sessions. moreover, you can take professional help if needed.

Discuss Breastfeeding Goals

The last thing that, we are gong to discuss about is about deciding the right breastfeeding goals. The modern working women have to tend to that baby along with working and obviously have serious time concerns.

However, once you have talked with your partner or spouse about your ideas and concern about breastfeeding. You can jointly decide on the required plan of actions and find alternatives to breastfeeding. Your spouse or partner can feed the baby(ies) milk from the feeding bottle in your absence.

Learn breastfeeding tips:

So now, you have some proper understanding of the breastfeeding process. The new mothers do not need to worry about it much as it is one of the most natural procedures. However, it is important to know that, there are some hormones which are produced by the body of women which helps the growth of milk ducts in the breasts. The different types of hormones which are useful for mothers during their lactation and breastfeeding period are oxytocin and prolactin. Many women are also concerned about the cases of lactation failure which results in less milk production in the breasts. We have discussed about the remedy for more breast milk supply. In addition to that, do understand about the different life threatening diseases related to your breasts such as breast cancers which is curable with proper timely medication. We will be discussing in details about the ailment in a separate article, so stay tuned for it in this very section. Thus, wishing you best of luck for breastfeeding your baby(ies)!

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