10 Best Superfoods to increase your memory

10 Natural foods to Boost your Brain Memory

Are you suffering from loss of memory? Do you know that older people tend to have memory loss problems much more than their younger counterparts? Did you know that, there are some food items which you can consume on a regular basis in order to retain your memory in a better way? The team at Lose Weight Loss (LWL) will give the required information.


Now, we will be discussing in detail about the right meals that you must take in order to improve your memory. Along with memory, some tips of leading life without any kind of stress is also talked about. With the face placed life that is evident in the modern society, more cases of people suffering from anxiety in make rounds in the news. You will also be surprised that children are facing these problems which is certainly not a good sign. Moreover, brains foods are much-in demand for their capability to increase your productivity to a much greater extent. Take a look at the popular and useful powerfoods which will help you to memorize things better. They are namely rosemary, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, dark chocolate, fatty fish, avocados, whole grains, walnuts, coconut oil and also blackcurrants.

10 Natural foods to Boost your Brain Memory

What are the various activities that the old individuals must do for having better control over their memory? What are the foods that is known to affect your memory loss and should not be eaten?  What are the Natural foods to Boost Brain Memory? I am growing older and have stated to face situations where I tend to forget stuff easily and it also have an impact in my day-to-day life, so can you suggest me with the best food plans to help me counter this problem. If you want to know more about the foods, go through the post till the end.


The primary food is the herb in the name of rosemary. The different nutrients which you will find in rosemary are anti-inflammation, acids along with antioxidants. This superfood is particularly useful for checking any kind of neurodegeneration of the brain.


Moreover, it is generally available in the form of rosemary oil which can help in anti-aging of your brain functions along with countering cases of strokes and also ailments like Alzheimer’s. Try to make many superfood combinations by adding it with healthy fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Pumpkin Seeds

This is the only seed that has made it to the list. Pumpkin is one of the most healthy superfoods and pumpkins seeds are considered to be very useful for the reason of increasing the power of your memory and helping you to retain more information.

Pumpkin Seeds helps to boost memory

In addition to that, the many elements which consist of pumpkin seeds are copper, iron, magnesium and also zinc. Also, do note that, in order to check any radical brain damage and other brain-related ailments such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, you need this particular food item regularly.


Again, this is only spice which is the list of powerfood items. It is a true fact that turmeric is known to many useful qualities which can prevent your body from many kinds of ailments. You must also know that; this food is nothing other than a root.


Moreover, this healthy superspice is known to increase your immunity power and can also be added with other superfoods in order to make a healthy diet plan. Turmeric consists of a chemical compound in the name of curcumin which is known to work as an important agent for anti-inflammation.

Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is also good for you brain and can highly improve your memory. However, it is also important for you know that, you should try to eat less processed dark chocolate s they are known to have more benefits that the one which are highly processed.

Dark Chocolate to boost memory

In addition to that, dark chocolate is consisted of anti-inflammatory qualities along with antioxidant in the form of flavonols. These elements are vital for boosting you heart power and help check cases of lower blood pressure along with improving your concentration. You may also like read our post regarding foods to counter heart diseases

Fatty Fish

All kinds of seafood’s are known to help in boosting your memory. Moreover, all kinds of fatty fish such as trout, sardines and salmon, are known to counter the condition of brain food with the help of omega-3 fatty acids which is useful for smooth functioning of the brain.


Moreover, the different health advantages that one can have after having this particular food item is checking depression and also learning about impairments. Do remember that, you have bake or boil fatty fish and they are known to improve your control over emotions and decision-making process by improving the nervous system.


The next superfood in this list is avocado. This is a super fruit which helps to fight many diseases. Also, you must know that the healthy fat content in this particular healthy fruit is known to be useful for protecting your brain and further developing the cognitive functionality of the brain.


In addition to that, the important nutrients which is found in avocados are vitamin K, monosaturated fats and folate. Along with eating avocado, you should also try to include avocado oil into your daily food chart and it is highly beneficial in controlling cases of high blood pressure. In addition to improving brain memory avocados are also one of the superfoods recommended for pregnant women

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Whole Grains

Most of the time, people suffer from lack of focus and concentration in their life. And for that reason, one of the ideal foods to have is whole grains. An optimum amount of energy is more than essential for better functioning of the brain and boost your memory.

Whole Grains

Moreover, the foods such as white rice and quinoa are healthy form of whole grains which is known to supply glucose into the brain. Also, do make it a point to try food items like pasta, and granary bread. For the purpose of controlling your blood pressure, eat foods whose glycaemic index is much lower.


The walnuts are always preferred for the reason that, there are very much beneficial for those who need to improve their power of memory and concentration. The elements which are available in this food item is known to help in better functioning of the cognitive actions.


In addition to that, the minerals, vitamin E and antioxidants is known to wonders for those who seem to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Also, keep in mind that you should not over board with nuts as it may upset you stomach. You should make it a habit to have some walnuts on a daily basis.

Coconut Oil

It is one of the best natural oils that helps to counter cases of memory loss in the older population. Also, do remember that, coconut oil is an agent of anti-inflammation and fights cells which are known to cause inflammation in your body.

coconut oil boost brain memory

Moreover, make it a point to have coconut oil in a regular basis in different forms. The different nutrients which composes coconut oil are vitamins E and K, saturated fats along with minerals such as iron. This food is useful for the purpose of balance of your energy.


The penultimate powerfood item is a fruit which helps to counter any case of brain degeneration, which is known as blackcurrants. This food item is from the family of berries. and is known to have qualities which will help you to improve your brain power and also fight cases of stress and anxiety to a greater extent.


In addition to that, the main sources of this food item are vitamins C, B6 and also E along with minerals and proteins. This particular superfood is also very good for the purpose of providing medicinal values. It will help prevent you from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Powerfoods to Boost Memory:

So now, reading about the many advantages of these brain-friendly food items, you have found the required solutions. But, it is also important for all to understand that, keeping your body fit and having sound mind is only possible, when you do regular exercises. In addition to that, these foods are also very useful to fight many deadly diseases and are known to have medicinal values. You are also advised, to give these food items to the children for the purpose of increasing their memory and concentration levels. Thus, the time has arrived for the readers who are having problems such as memory loss to go for this diet plan. However, you should not forget to share your valuable feedback with us in the comment section below!

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