Foods for Natural Hair Growth and Healthy Hair

Foods for Natural Hair Growth and Healthy Hair

Everyone loves to have dark, long and gorgeous hairs. Hair loss, dry and rough hairs is one of the common problem now days in every aged people. There are several reasons behind not having healthy hairs. Most of the individuals use several hair nourishment products (shampoos, oils etc.) for health hairs but this products may contain various chemicals may be suited for some one and unsuited for someone. Remember before taking various hair nourishment products they are drug free loaded with natural hair growth ingredients. There are several natural ways to keep hair healthy and gorgeous.

Foods for Natural Hair Growth and Healthy Hair

Every hair lovers struggle for hair grow even if it in an inches. Vitamins and minerals plays a vital role to keep you fit and healthy but also responsible hair growth and health hairs. Various vitamins like C, B, vitamin H and Minerals like Zinc, Iron are promoted ingredients for natural hair growth. Foods like meat, chicken, beans are loaded with rich source of iron and zinc helps to natural hair growth. Below are the foods to grow hair naturally by reducing hair loss. Try to include theses foods to your diet to get healthy and gorgeous hairs naturally.

1) Salmon


Fish like Salmon, Tuna is one of the most recommended diet for hair growth naturally. Study show that including fish like Salmon leads to natural hair growth by reducing hair loss, natural hair growth. Salmon not helps in hair growth but also having several health benefits as responsible for healthy eyes, helpful in weight loos etc. (Weigh loss Diet)

2) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

As we all know that Vitamin A responsible for building body calls and also responsible for natural hair growth. Deficiency of Vitamin A leads to dry skin, hair loss and dry hairs. Sweet Potatoes are also loaded with minerals and vitamins (iron, copper) promote hair growth naturally.

3) Bell Peppers 

Bell Peppers

Bell Papers (red, green) are loaded with Vitamin C helps to promote hair growth. As vitamin C having strong anti-oxidant property promotes strengthening hairs follicles by protecting hair damage.

4) Oysters


As we know that minerals like zinc and iron helpful in promoting hair growth naturally. If your body lacks the deficiency zinc may leads to dry hairs and hair loss. So try to add Zinc and Iron rich foods like Oysters to get gorgeous and healthy hairs.

5) Eggs


Utilization of protein-enhanced eggs helps in making the hair follicle more grounded. It invigorates the scalp, fortifying the hair roots. More grounded hair is less expected to cushion and fall. Egg yolks are high in lutein which hydrates the hair accordingly working on its flexibility. It likewise helps in creating protection from breakage which might convert into less split finishes. Normal utilization of eggs on hair confers plentiful sustenance implanting dull hair with a solid sparkle. Eggs assist with safeguarding hair’s normal oils, dissimilar to shampoos which for the most part strip them away.

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