Free Muscle building Apps for both iPhone and Android users in 2018

Free Muscle building apps for iPhone and Android

Have you ever taken the help from mobile apps while performing your daily workouts? What are things that you should keep in mind for the purpose of doing fitness exercises? What are steps to follow in order to make the leaner muscle process to work much faster? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) will provide you with all the answers.


Now, let us talk about the importance of muscle building and the various benefits that you can enjoy of it. Do note that, this is has becoming a growing trend and more and more people are trying it out. You should also know that, there is sharp rise in the number of female body-builders in the recent past. We have listed down the names of top free muscle-building applications. However, some of the apps also provide you with the opportunity of getting -in-app purchases. In a later article, we will discuss about the paid body-building apps, so stay tunes and keep coming back. The best, popular and trusted apps with more details below are namely Skimble Workout Trainer, Nike+ Training Club, Fitness Point, Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App, Sworkit, Stronglifts 5×5, Fitness22 Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer, BodySpace, Freeletics Bodyweight and also Jefit.

Free Muscle building apps for iPhone and Android

What are the major mistakes that are committed by wannabe body builders? What are the things that you should always avoid when you are thinking of becoming leaner? What are the exact diet plans to follow for fast-pacing your muscle-building process? I have a very thin figure and always wanted to bulk up and get fitter and leaner along with the perfect muscles in my body, so can you suggest some top body-building apps that will help me in achieving my plan? To find the required solutions, you need to go through the post thoroughly.

Skimble Workout Trainer

The primary application here is going to be Skimble Workout Trainer. Sometimes, you need a personal trainer to help in your muscle-building activity. However, remember that, the app also has all the necessary things that you will need to have in order to successfully build a leaner figure.

In addition to that, the Workout Trainer app is made by Skimble will help you start your fitness routine by using the built-in workouts routines which are available in the app library. Do, also note that, you have the feature to share the custom build exercise plans online for others to implement them.




Nike+ Training Club

This fitness app provides the necessary weight training advices by the experts and fitness personalities from around the world. Nike+ Training Club is available from Nike and is also part of the Nike+ Training Club along with the Nike+ community and Nike+ Run Club.

Moreover, when you are using this particular application, you have the ability to move through the three difficulty levels. Also, remember to always use this app when you want to increase your endurance, mobility and strength. Also, the activities that found in the app are tennis and basketball.




Fitness Point

This is a very simple application which is known to help in the important work of muscle-building. Fitness Point do also boast of a very strong support system along with the ability to create new workout plans. Do take the help from rest timers for tracking your workouts and helping to count the calories that you have burned.

In addition to that, you also have many useful functional by using the in-app purchases which includes iCloud backup, being ad-free, getting unlimited logs, body tracking along with graphs. It is ideal to be used all over the world as the information is found in 16 languages.




Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

When you are thinking of any workout plan for building muscle which is short as well as affective, then Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App is definitely for you. This app is well organized and helps the fitness freak users to keep a tab on the time along with their progress.

Moreover, along with getting the basic 7 minute workout, you are also going to enjoy many other fitness programs which have different durations and intensity level. This particular application is made by Johnson & Johnson. The users can also take the advantage of the Smart Workout personal trainer function.





The next application this group of free apps for getting leaner muscle is Sworkit. Every fitness lover is looking for application which will contain all the necessary information in one place. The main idea of this app is to cater to all the kinds of people ranging from younger to elders along with all genders.

In addition to that, do understand that, Sworkit is the short form of Simply Work It. Along with having the exercises and fitness regimes to grow muscles, you will find workout plans including cardio, pilates, stretching and also yoga. However, do also get customized routines.




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Stronglifts 5×5

You should always keep in mind that weight-lifting and body lifting are highly related to each other. Through Stronglifts 5×5, you must also have the guidance of experts in the field of weight-lifting so that you know about the weights and there are less chances of getting injured while doing workouts.

Moreover, do not forget to look into the useful tutorials that you in find for the purpose of free-weight exercises which are namely overhead press, squat, deadlift, barbell row along with bench press. You can also track your progress on weekly and monthly basis. Get more features by upgrading into power pack.




Fitness22 Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer

If you are looking for an easy way to have a more leaner body, then go for the Fitness22 Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer app from the makers Fitness22. Do note that, this is a name to reckon with in the business of fitness and health. Choose among the many programs which you will find in the application.

In addition to that, the community of this particular fitness app is gradually rising. Fitness22 has many apps and you need to pick the ones that are useful for your body. The many categories that they cover with the help of their varied number of applications are running, relaxing and strength.





The BodySpace app is brought to you by This particular website boasts of having one of the biggest online communities of muscle-building enthusiasts from the country and also around the world. Do also remember that, you training programs are also rated by the members of the community.

Moreover, the makers of the application have also collaborated with the top trainers, fitness Ph.D. holders along with athletes to help give the users, the important guidance that they need in order to get the results. They also have a online store for these who are thinking of getting required workout accessories.




Freeletics Bodyweight

In order to control obesity and decrease your over-weight, do try this app named Freeletics Bodyweight. Do remember that, athletics is one of the best fitness programs out there, and this application help in achieving a lean mad muscular body by incorporating the important elements of athletics.

In addition to that, this app also boasts of many unique features such as that, you have to move through various levels. You can also choose among the many muscle groups and start your workout accordingly. The are many resources which are available in this application include audio files as well as video ones.





The last application on the list of body-building apps is Jefit which is a popular one and have the all the necessary tools and guidelines which are important for an individual to stay fitter and leaner. This workout training platform has also been awarded for their services.

Moreover, the various fitness aspects that are covered by this particular app ranges from bodybuilding to fitness training. The different kinds of features that you can enjoy by this application are progress tracker, in-app synchronization, workout planner, Jefit profile along with exercise log.




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Do build your muscle:

So now, you are equipped with the ideal tools which are almost necessary for the best workout plans. Doing the right exercises can only be possible when you are getting the proper guidance that is important for you to get the perfect results. If you’re serious about the body building then you must be well aware of Pre-workout foods and Post-workout superfoods which we already discuss in our previous posts.  Moreover, there are many choices that you can avail through these given apps and you have the ability to pick the one that you need the most. Do also remember that, muscle building is not an easy and quick process and it requires time and dedication on your part. Along with building muscles, you should always focus on increasing your stamina as well as energy levels. In addition to that, it is also very vital to have proper diet plans in order to assist in your muscle building activity. Thus, the time has come for the workout enthusiasts to try out these above fitness applications and later, share your experience with us!

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