Lose more pounds with these free weight loss apps in 2018 (Part 2)

free weight loss apps for iPhone and Android

Losing weight has become much more easier with the help of these weight loss apps. The given listed apps is the second part of the free apps series for both the Android and iPhone users on fat burning tips (You can find the first part here).


There are programs you can download to your devices and are used to track different way of life goals, for example, calorie check and exercise. Some of them have special qualities too, for example, monetary rewards and community discussions, that assistance keep you motivated toward your weight management strategies. Not exclusively are weight loss applications simple to utilize, however a significant number of their advantages are likewise helped by doctors and nutritionists. A few studies have demonstrated that self-checking may advance fat burning by expanding attention to your body type, also. So, do read the given apps that you start using from now only.

free weight loss apps for iPhone and Android

Take a list of the top questions that the top nutritionists and doctors face about weight loss from people. I need to lose weight? What are the most common mistakes that people make while going for weight loss? What are the best exercises to try out for quick fat burning? Can you tell me about top free apps for losing weight fast? Reasons why i am gaining weight?

SparkPeople free weight loss app for iPhone and AndroidSparkPeople

SparkPeople enables you to check your every day food, weight and exercise with their very easy tools. The app database is huge, containing more than 3,000,000 nourishing foods. Furthermore, the application also has a standardized barcode scanner, making it simple for you to monitor any food that you eat.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is favorite of many weight loss enthusiasts
  • Have a nice database of top healthy foods
  • Also provides a useful barcode scanner
  • Provides all necessary information about weight loss exercises
  • Do not for get to earn points, too




Fitbit weight loss appsFitbit

This is one of the best physical activity data tacker app along with many other useful features. The application enables you to associate with your loved ones who utilize Fitbit. You can take part in different levels and go for advanced exercises and tracking facilities.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • One of best fitness and weight tracking app
  • Is compatible with almost all devices
  • Has many users and strong community
  • Is ultimate in providing weight loss goals
  • Helps to record your every running step




FatSecret weight loss app for iPhone and AndroidFatSecret

FatSecret centers around giving its clients the help that it needs. It enables you to check your nourishment data, track your weight and interact with fellow app users. The thing that makes FatSecret different from other weight loss applications is its “My Professionals” tool.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Provides a very big community
  • Helps you track your daily calorie intake
  • Given you an average of your health report
  • Keeps a strict monitoring approach
  • It is ideal for weight management





Cron-O-Meter is another weight loss application you can use to track nutrition, wellness and well-being information. It also helps you acquire ideal supplement consumption while monitoring your calorie admission. It tracks more than 60 unique supplements, so you can ensure you are meeting your dietary needs.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Has a big database of nutritionists
  • Offers more than sixty supplement options
  • Provides an user-friendly app
  • Helps you track your entire weigh-loss journey
  • You can also get nourishment points




HealthyOut free weight loss appHealthyOut

HealthyOut helps you with a rundown of solid eatery dishes that you can discover in your general vicinity. Moreover, you can choose from a varirty of top-class choices, for example, good for heart, paleo or veggie lover. It has made much reaserch in finding the best foods for better weigh loss.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Provides a list of top restaurant dishes
  • You can go for a diet according to calorie intake
  • Try this app with food being delivered at your place
  • Goes with the sole goal of making only healthy foods
  • Helps you to get back in shape




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Now You Choose:

There are a few useful applications that you can use to help your weight loss goals. So, we have curated the ultimate list for you. Furthermore, numerous free weight loss apps have parts intended to build your inspiration, including group discussions, point flaws and wrong times that destroys your body, further. In spite of the fact that there are a few advantages to utilizing these apps, some do have disadvantages. For instance, a few people may observe them to be tedious and overpowering. With such huge numbers of various highlights, you may need to attempt a couple before discovering one that best suits your necessities.

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