Mistakes that you must avoid at gym

common mistakes to avoid at gym

Are you thinking of getting leaner and fitter by hitting the gym? But before going to the gym, read about these important mistakes that you should never do while at the gym as doing it wrong can hamper your health.


Firstly, it is not easy to become fit and healthy by just going to the gym. With so many pieces of equipment to choose from and so many training programs that you find on every gym , it is hard to set up a proper workout routine and start doing gym by proper warmup and also right exercises . There are cases of injuries in gyms and while some of these mishaps may be minor, they can actually lead to huge setbacks in terms of fitness gain and weight loss. In order to save yourself time and get faster results, it is important to make your workouts more effective and also do make sure you avoid these following mistakes. The mistakes which are mentioned in the list are no workout routine, not doing warmup, not putting effort, not taking rest, not staying hydrated, doing same workout, doing wrong exercises, not tracking gym sessions, going for only muscle building supplements and not consulting gym instructor. In addition to going gym you cal also try Practicing yoga at home which keep you mentally and physically strong. 

common mistakes to avoid at gym

What are the stupid mistakes to avoid in the gym? Can you tell me about the gym mistakes that can hamper my muscle growth? What are the most common gym mistakes that every gym-goer does? These are the questions which are answered in this post for you to read.

No Workout Routine

Do know that walking into the gym without a plan is the biggest mistake that you are doing in terms of fitness. Always include the exercises, sets, and reps as well as the order you want to do them in so you can plan your route around the weight room floor.

If you are working out with your fitness partner, take time to discuss the routine ahead of time so you are both on the same page. Many people do not have any plan and end doing lifting exercises before cardio sessions. which can stress your body to a great extent. If you’re workout during summer then you should follow summer health tips in order to stay fit and healthy. 

Not doing Warmup

This is the most common mistake to rectify now. Do know that although it may save time, dodging the pre-workout warmup is a surefire way to get injured during a tough workout as the body cannot cope up with the strong demands.

It is always important to gave a dedicated warmup that involves bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, pushups, and jumping jacks to elevate your heart rate before you attack the weights head on. This will give you required energy to do your gym session properly.

Not Putting Effort

Improper form is the biggest mistake that is being made. People often use too much weight and can barely complete a full set well as gym-goers rock to throw up the weights, which is not an effective use of their time.

For many people, sometimes, getting to the gym is the biggest struggle of all. The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you are new, but heading in with a training program that fits your goals and seeking support from your trainer who will also guide you in making an ideal workout program for yourself which meets the criteria of losing weight and becoming fitter.

Not taking Rest

The biggest mistake that people make is not giving their central nervous system a break It is important to note that, every gym-goer need to periodize their training so they do not get discouraged when they are not making gains.

Moreover, after every eight weeks or so of intense training, schedule a week off for downtime and recovery. It’s one of the best things you can do to ensure you keep coming back stronger than you were before.

Not Staying Hydrated

Do know that, although it may seem a small part in terms of the overall routine, drinking water at right intervals during your gym session is vital for proper metabolism and hydration. Remember to bring your water bottle to your gym. Moreover, if you are joining gym to lose extra pounds then you should drink enough water as we discuss in our previous post as ways drinking water helps to lose extra pounds .

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you are new, but heading in with a training program that fits your goals and seeking support who are there to help you with the community that you actually need for proper motivation at the gym.

Doing Same Workout

Remember that repetition is another big mistake that fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers make.. You should always know that progressive overload is not emphasized enough when it comes to starting a fitness program.

Most people doing the same three sets of ten to twelve repetitions, with the same weights, every single week for months. Do know that eventually though, you will need to either add more weight or additional sets or reps to continue progressing.

Doing Wrong Exercises

One of the most vital mistakes that people make in their initial days of joining gym is doing the wrong bunch of exercises which can hamper your fitness in a big way rather than providing some improvement. Thus, it is always important to take advice from fitness and gym experts.

You should have proper knowledge of the ability of your body. remember that, when you are loading the bar with more plates than you can handle, there is always a good chance your form is going to suffer in the coming times.

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Not tracking Gym Sessions

Your workout plan should be properly executed but if you are not keeping track of the exercises you are doing and the weight, repetitions, and sets they are performed at, then you end up with an inconsistent training plan so take this fact seriously.

However, there is an easy fix for the problem. The things that needs to be done is to download an app to you device that helps track your workouts or go old school and buy a spiral notebook and call it get started. Do it regularly and do not forget to hit and gym and note down your performance.

Going for only Muscle building Supplements

You should always know about the right supplements to buy in order to get gain weight. There are different kinds of supplements which are available for the gym goers but it is also important to know the one to choose that suites your body types and fitness goals.

The different types of supplements which are used for muscle growth do also vary. You can take for the basic one which fest sin gaining some muscle and the one which is targeted for professional body builders and athletes which gives ultimate results.

Not consulting gym Instructor

One of the silly mistakes that many people who are going to the gym make is thinking that., they can plan their own workout routine as they know their body more than anyone else. However, it is vital to take help from trainer.

The gym instructors a or trainers are properly trained in order to do help others achieve their body goals. With enough experience and knowledge about gym equipment’s, they can give proper guidance to the gym-goers in terms of gym training and getting a more fit body through the correct exercise regimen.

Lets Get Fit:

Thus, you learned the mistakes to avoid in gym. Now, you have to have a proper plan that will be worked out before leaving for the gym and you also need to have clear fitness goals for yourself. Moreover, it requires a lot of time both in the gym and at home, since your rest and nutrition needs to be right to get proper results. However, the intensity at which you need to train to make your effort more effective is high and you need to know the right time to go to the next level. Thus, you should always focus on strength and muscle gains. So, get fitter by hitting the gym today!

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