Stay fit by playing these popular sports

Popular Sports to stay fit

Do you call yourself sports freak? Did you know that playing some sports we make you more fit and you do not have to take extra effort to burn pounds? It is a fact that maximum number of calories are burned which playing these games.


There are many advantages of playing games, but it has very few disadvantages. It is important to note that, some sports are easy to play that the other. However, you need to understand that taking part in games is not only going to better your physical activities but also surely ensures mental growth. Though, there are chances of getting injured in playing games, but you also get to be in a healthy competitive environment in your aim to better your different competitors in sports which further boosts your confidence.

Popular Sports to stay fit


Can you give a list of healthy gamest that the kids must play to improve their physical and mental fitness? What tare the health benefits to enjoy from paying different types of games? LWL (Lose Weight Loss) have listed the best and most health games that you must play to lose weight and become more fit.


Swimming is always advised by fitness experts, doctors and nutritionists as the must go-to-sport in terms of increasing your fitness and also help to lose our weight at a faster rate. Swimming burns huge number of calories and also loved by all. This is also considered a full-body exercise.

Advantages of playing it:

  • This is a full-body workout
  • Advised by doctors, fitness buffs and also nutritionists
  • You should start swimming now
  • Also helps to burn fats
  • Ideal to increasing your fitness level



Tennis is easily regarded as one of the most watched and popular games to play from around the world. It is important to note that, there are different forms of tennis played on courts, but the most popular ones are lawn tennis and also table tennis. This a racquet and ball sports.

Advantages of playing it:

  • One of most televised game to watch
  • Hugely popular among both men and women
  • Helps to increase your physical and mental strength
  • You can play both lawn tennis and also table tennis
  • It is considered a ball and racquet game



It is important to note that, rowing Sports is considered one of the most energetic and calorie induces sport that you should play. This sport can be played in singles and also in groups. Rowing is considered a professional sport and can also be practiced in order to strengthen your muscle growth and better your reflex actions to a great level.

Advantages of playing it:

  • You should start rowing now
  • Must have a rowing boat and sails
  • You need to have good strength in your hands and legs
  • Also known as a professional sport
  • Usually increases nerve and muscle strength



Many studies have shown that squash is considered as the one of the most healthiest sport that you should play. This famous racquet and ball game is generally played outdoors and is both popular in amateur and professional court. Moreover, you can create your own squash court in your place to practice it.

Advantages of playing it:

  • Said to be one of most healthiest game ever
  • Is played with ball and racquet
  • It is generally play indoors
  • Played on professional and amateur level
  • Try to make your squash court



Itis important to note that, there are many advantages of playing ball sports such as basketball. One of the most popular sports, around the world, this game helps to increases your stamina, sharpens your decision-making power, and also helps to tackle stress to some extent and moreover, can help to lose upto 900 pounds of body fat.

Advantages of playing it:

  • Basketball is considered a popular sports worldwide
  • One of the ball-games to play
  • Now your chance to strengthen your stamina level
  • Helps to increase your decision-making process
  • You can lose around 900 pounds also

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You presumably definitely thoroughly understand omega-3 unsaturated fats. Most importantly they are basic to your eating routine, which means your body cannot create them so they should be gotten from things you eat. The other crucial point to recall is that most Westerner’s weight control plans are uneven, with the fundamental omega-3 and omega-6 proportions for being higher in omega-6’s.

Advantages of playing it:

  • Cycling is easy to do than other sports
  • You should learn cycling at an early age
  • Chance to do both professional and amateur cycling
  • Really helps to strengthen your brain power
  • Highly impacts your aging procedure



Do you want to know about the game which helps to lose more calories than any other? It is none other than skiing. There are different kinds of skiing from freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and many more. You can burn upto 1,122 calories per hour as a skier.

Advantages of playing it:

  • There are different kinds of skiing activities
  • Chance to burn most number of calories
  • About 1,122 calories can be burned only ab hour
  • Try Nordic, freestyle, snowboarding and cross-country techniques
  • Your ultimate aim is to lose maximum fat



Unlike sprinting, running is a more casual and natural process and is much easier than other games that are mentioned in this list. Moreover, running is also considered as the basic and the most important physical activity and it impacts all the body parts and also high developed your physical and mental health.

Advantages of playing it:

  • Running is the easiest exercise to do
  • It helps to increase your weight loss process
  • Increases your muscle and bone strength
  • Is ideal to better your physiological activity
  • Try to keep running on regular basis



Volleyball is said to be the sport which uses maximum of your calories. Any amateur and competitive basketball players burn around 90 to 180 calories with playing a basketball match. This game is said to highly increase your metabolic rate and also helps the player to burn very high number of calories.

Advantages of playing it:

  • Helps to burn more pounds
  • Improves your rate of metabolism
  • You get to learn co-ordination
  • Highly betters your reflex muscles
  • Very useful for weight loss



One of the most difficult games to play among the given list of healthy sports. You need to master courage, confidence, patience, practice and accuracy in order to become a better gymnast. It is highly beneficial to improve your physical strength and agility which father increases your power of imagination.

Advantages of playing it:

  • Is somewhat difficult to play
  • Also needs to have more patience
  • You need to keep practicing
  • Highly improves your physical ability
  • Increases your imagination power


Let us Play:

Thus, start playing the above Sports to stay fit and healthy. The different kinds which are listed in the post are decided on the terms of their health benefits and along with its popularity and easiness to play them. The games that are mentioned in the list also includes swimming, tennis, rowing, squash, basketball, cycling, skiing, running, volleyball and gymnastics. However, you need to understand you are not playing these games professionally with proper training and medical assistance, so you should play these games for the sole aim of increasing your daily physical activity and also losing more weight. So, let’s play.

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