Healthy Late night Snacks for Weight Loss

Healthy Late night Snacks for Weight Loss

Proper sleep plays an important role in staying fit and healthy. Good and relax sleep is your prime weight loss time. If you can’t get proper and healthy sleep then it may add an additional health issue to your health. Better sleep helps you to stay fit and healthy as it leads to proper optimization and regulations of all your body functions properly.

Healthy Late night Snacks for Weight Loss

There are several myths about weight loss, Some will refer you join muscle building training sessions, runs hard, go on diet, yoga for weight loss etc. If you don’t have control on your stomach then rest of the efforts are useless.

Small Bowl of Rice

As we discuss above tryptophan and melatonin production are associated with better sleep. Foods like rice having high glycemic index helpful in the production of melatonin and tryptophan which are associated with better sleep.

String Cheese

Balanced protein and fat aids in weight loss. If you don’t love to made the recipe then string cheese is one of the better options if you are looking bedtime snacks for weight loss. One serving of string cheese delivers the perfect and balanced serving of protein and fat keep you satisfied (hunger free) to get good sleep.


Carrots are sweet, delicious crunchy snack having super nutritional value. Carrots are bright orange vegetables, fat-free snacks keep you hunger-free to get better sleep.


Complex carbohydrate whole grains such as oatmeal, bran flakes are easy to digest. You can add some milk to them to get extra tryptophan, melatonin, and protein which keep your stomach satisfied to get better sleep.

Apple with Peanut Butter

Apples are sweet delicious fruit loaded with plenty of health benefits. Apples are loaded with fiber which aids in smooth and proper digestion. To add extra protein benefits you can deep it into peanut or almond butter to keep you feeling full whole night to get better sleep. So try to include this bedtime snack to your bedtime snack list for better sleep and weight loss.

Foods to Avoid while you are on Weight Loss:

1. Spicy Foods

2. Soda and Energy Drinks

3. Big Meals

4. Try to avoid alcohol (especially beer)

5. Ice Cream

6. Pizza

7. White Bread

8. Sugary Drinks

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