10 Healthy Cooking Styles that you must Know

10 Healthy Cooking Styles that you Must Know

Do you love to cook? What are the different types of cooking techniques that you are aware of? What the types of food items which needs to be avoided in order to maintain your health? What are the cooking styles recommended by doctors and food experts? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) is here to give all the important information about using the right cooking techniques for cooking at home along with on trips.


Now, let us talk about perfect cooking arrangements which needs to be followed if you are thinking about eating healthy and getting more fit. Also, cooking in the right procedure is also very vital as it ensures all the important nutrients which needs to be present in the meal are available at the time of consuming the foods. In addition to that, you also need to keep in mind that, the cooking ways of different kinds of foods does vary which includes vegetables, fruits along with meat and dairy products. There are many eating habit and cooking methodologies which are being tried out by the health-conscious people for the sole purpose of bettering their wellbeing. You can also took the help of cooking apps to become your own cooking expert. The cooking techniques which are mentioned in the post below are namely roasting, pressure cooking, grilling, sauteing, baking, searing, boiling, steaming, blending and also poaching.

10 Healthy Cooking Styles that you Must Know

What are the wrong cooking procedures that are being used by people which results in poor physical conditions such as obesity along with many other dangerous ailments? Can you tell us about the wrong kinds of eating habits which needs to corrected for the sole need to become more healthy? I have started to do regular workouts and try new fitness procedures in order to lose  belly fat, so can you guys tell me about the main cooking techniques which I can start to implement for the purpose of preparing my daily meals. To know the solutions, you must go through the blogpost thoroughly.


The roasting is known to occur in the oven and is considered a dry-heat method and the recipes are typically referred to individual food items that are cooked in the oven. You must also be aware of the fact that the roasted food does maintain its structure and does not turn into something else as they are roasted.

In addition to that, roasting also does require a slightly higher temperature, however, the process can also use lower temperatures. In this method, the different food items are often roasted until they become caramelized, which is characterized by browned areas on the surface. Many kinds of vegetables and meats are typically roasted.


You must know that the food cooked in pressure cooker is called pressure cooking. Also, do note that it requires very little water and time, which means that vitamins and minerals are kept intact in the food items that are cooked by this particular cooking style. Along with that, it means that you would not need to add any oil or fat for taste or richness.

In addition to that, you will be surprised to know that you hardly need to season the food either. For the cooking times of different foods, the soups and stews would usually take hours to cook on the stove or a whole chicken can be ready in around fifteen minutes while rice in five and most vegetables in about three minutes.


You must also keep in mind that in terms of getting maximum amount of nutrition without sacrificing flavor, grilling is preferred to be a great cooking method. Along with that, it also imparts a smoky flavor while keeping the different types of food items which are cooked tender and also juicy and it retains all the health benefits.

In addition to that, you should also be aware that while grilling food, the heat source comes from the bottom. as the heat only comes from the coals underneath the grate. Also, grilling usually involves an open flame. However, it can also be done with a grill pan on a stovetop and the foods are cooked by heating the grill grates. You may also like to read our post regarding the grill superfoods for weight loss.


Do remember that the sauteed foods are cooked in a thin layer of fat over medium-high heat and usually in a pan on the stovetop. Also, you must always note that food items are just cooked until tender. Also, though this particular cooking method does require some oil in the pan, it should only be a moderate amount.

In addition to that, there are several kinds of foods which you should try to saute which includes bell peppers, julienned carrots, snow peas along with quinoa and rice. Also, sauteing quickly cooks relatively small or thin pieces of food and do always go for cooking spray or water instead of using any oil.

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You must know that baking takes place in the oven using dry heat and it actually means that no liquid is used to facilitate the cooking process. Along with it do note that, when some of the food items are baked, they produce a new food item and structure from which you can no longer separate the individual ingredients.

In addition to that, the process of baking often refers to items like pies, cookies, cakes, breads, casseroles and pastries and you should also be aware that these particular food items does require you to mix together individual ingredients. So, baking is definitely a healthy cooking option out there.


Do note that searing is a stovetop cooking method that creates a crisp outer coating on the food. Do also keep in mind that once it is browned all over to seal the outside of the food item that you are cooking, it goes into the oven to finish cooking. Also, the food requires less cooking time in the oven, which reduces the chances of the food item getting dried out.

In addition to that, searing foods gives them a brown, caramelized outside, while not cooking the interior fully. You must try searing a thin piece of food so that is has crispy skin and a delicate, tender inside. It is generally recommended by healthy cooking experts to cook meat and fish in this way.


You need to understand that boiling is quick, easy, and all you need to add are water and a touch of salt and the food is cooked in the high temperatures. According to research, it is suggested that boiling could be the best way to preserve nutrients in carrots, zucchini, and broccoli along with pasta and grains.

In addition to that, the boiling process uses liquid to transfer heat to the food being cooked and the liquid causes the cooked food to have a soft texture rather than a crispy coating. Also, do use a saucepan or stockpot is filled with enough liquid to fully cover the food being boiled in order to cook it right.


For the purpose of cooking an ingredient with steam, food is usually placed in a separate steamer over hot liquid. Along with that, the food is cooked by the steam from the liquid and does not come in contact with the liquid. However, you are advised to add a little seasoning first, in the form of some salt as well as lemon juice.

In addition to that, the different types of healthy food items which can be easily cooked by this way are fish fillets along with greens. Also, one of the simplest cooking techniques is steaming food in a perforated basket suspended above liquid and if you use a flavorful liquid or add seasonings to the water, it will also flavor the food as it cooks.


Blending as the name suggests is all about blending different healthy food items in order to make a nutritious food combination. For that particular for of cooking, you can definitely take the help of blenders. This can be a useful kitchen equipment, which lets you blend many kinds of food items out there.

In addition to that, the blending cooking process is combining two or more ingredients together so that they lose their individual characteristics and become smooth and uniform. Along with that, many types of foods items can be made in this manner which includes soups, smoothies as well as gluten-free cakes and cookies.


You need to understand that in order to poach food, it should be completely submerged in liquid that is between one hundred and sixty to one hundred and eighty degrees. Along with that, do remember that the food item remains in the liquid until fully cooked through and is very tender which also makes it more delicious.

In addition to that, you must note that poaching means cooking the given food in a small amount of hot water just below boiling point. However, you should also be aware of the fact that this particular cooking process takes slightly longer but is a great way to gently cook delicate foods like fish, eggs, as well as fruits.

Try Nutritious Food Items:

So now, the above coking procedures will help to solve the questions about the procedure that needs to adopted to cook different kind off nutritious meals. In an earlier post, it has been discussed in details about the various types of disadvantages of eating frozen and processed food items and the reasons to stop buying those food items. Do read the article before coming back to this particular section to learn about the right foods to eat for having a much more healthier lifestyle. Moreover, the temperature of cooking certain food items does also differ which you also need to understand for having more nutritious food items. Thus, the time has come for the nutritious food lovers to try out the different forms of cooking procedures which are necessary to bring a change in your food habit and also your lifestyle. However, you must never forget to share with us about the difference that you have experienced after implementing them in the below comment section!

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