List of Pilates Exercises

List of Pilates Exercises

Given are list of Pilates exercises.


List of Pilates Exercises

Constructive Rest

There’s a lot more going on in constructive rest than meets the eye. In this unassuming exercise, the goal is to find your neutral spine. You can do this by pressing your lower back into the floor and then releasing the spine into a small natural arch or C-shape curve.

Pilates Head Nod

The Pilates head nod extends and lengthens the spine, a fundamental goal of the Pilates method. It is integral to many Pilates exercises that articulate the spine in both forward bends and rolling exercises.

Pilates Arms Over

The fundamental goal of Pilates arms over is to maintain alignment, even as the torso is challenged by the arms moving overhead. This move also helps increase the range of motion in the shoulders.

Pilates Angel Arms

Though this exercise engages different upper-body muscles, angel arms, like arms over, helps us understand how to use the arms and shoulders without losing the alignment of the spine and ribcage.

Pilates Ring Exercises to Tone the Upper Body.


Low Diagonal Ring

As the ring moves up, notice how the exercise pattern reflects the Pilates fundamental move arms over, which maintains alignment in the torso despite the element of the arms moving. Arms over also improves the range of motion in the shoulders.

Middle Ring

For the middle ring exercise, return the magic circle to shoulder height

while keeping your arms straight and shoulders relaxed down. Squeeze the circle using your palms. Pulse 8–10 times and then release. Be sure to keep using your chest muscles and maintain an upright posture. Activate all the muscles in your arms. Breathe normally.

High Diagonal Ring

Raise the ring to a high diagonal, keeping your shoulders relaxed down and shoulder blades sliding down your back. The Pilates ring should remain visible in your peripheral vision and your biceps should be in front of your face, not back by your ears.

Halo Ring

For the halo ring exercise, your shoulders should continue to stay relaxed as you bring the ring overhead again, but this time so that it is flat to the ceiling. It’s tempting to let the ribs pop forward in this position, so remember your posture and drop your tailbone down as you pull your abs in to engage your core.

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