10 Common Period Problems that every Woman should know about

10 common Period Problems that every Woman should know

Are you experiencing periods right now? Have you ever faced the different issues that are associated with having periods before and after becoming pregnant? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) has made a complete list of symptoms or cases which are associated to having periods.


The periods generally start during the time of puberty for women and it is associated with the menstrual cycle of the body. The periods are also further classified in to different stages according to the amount of blood flow. In order to keep yourself fit, do take help from the period doctor. The different common problems that you will find with those who are having periods are having cramps, getting regular headaches, high fatigue, mood swings, food cravings, period bloats, sensitive breasts, blood clots, acne issues and also menstrual cycles. Most of the women are very much concerned about the time of their periods like missing periods and also having irregular periods. The symptoms which are discussed here also matches with those of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which varies with the release of different hormones during the time of having periods.

10 common Period Problems that every Woman should know

What are the common symptoms that you find at the time of having periods? I am starting to have my first period, can you suggest me about the right steps and medications that I must follow and take during my periods, respectively. Read the post to find more about periods in details.

Have Cramps

You should know that you are having periods after you get sensation of cramps. The Menstrual Cramps are very similar to the labor pains that you have during pregnancy or child birth. However, consult doctor for right medication to release you from this severe pain.

The hormones such as leukotrienes also results in cramps along with regular contractions of muscles which generally occurs at pelvis and uterus and results in flow of blood down the vagina at the time of having periods.

Get Headaches

The second most important sign to state that you may be in your periods is having regular headaches. Along with headaches, severe migraines are also reported for those who are having periods. The rates increases and decreases during the different stages of menstrual cycles.

This headaches are generally occurred due to changes in periods and more so, for those who are more sensitive to it. In addition to that, hormones are said to play in a big part in it as usually caused due to drop in the estrogen levels of body.

High Fatigues

Getting fatigue is a very vital problem that women face during their periods. Irregular sleep habits, nausea, headaches, diarrhea and vomiting results in such issues. it is also further amplified by the release of hormones like prostaglandin.

In addition to that, getting tired easily and always feeling sleepy affects your health and also decreases your productivity throughout the day. This is generally caused due to menstrual bleeding and should never be ignored.

Mood Swings

The excretion of different hormones takes a tool on the body which further results in emotional mood swings for women. Mood swings are generally classified into sadness, irritation and also anxiety. There are new online and offline tools which you use to track your mood swings at the time of periods.

It is always preferred to make take right medicines in order to control any mood swings. The hormones in the forms of estrogen and progesterone generally affects you moods at the tome of periods or pregnancy. In our previous post we already discuss about the common health issues during Pregnancy

Food Cravings

Another symptom that you find at the time of periods is having cravings to eat more food and more so at the most unusual times. Women are generally wake up at night feeling hungry which is all generally caused due to excretion of different hormones.

Women tend to consume junk food during period cravings which cannot tend to control. However, in order to look after your body, it is always recommended to only go for healthy choices as it also affects your menstrual cycle.

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Period Bloats

Many of the women who are in the periods is said to suffer from cases of bloating. The different symptoms of period bloating are generally associated with swollen abdomen and the part getting more heavier.

Bloating is caused around one to two weeks before the time of period. This period is also magnified by having many backaches and stomach cramps. The increase in amount of water retention in that abdomen also causes cases of abdominal period bloats

Sensitive Breasts

At the time of periods, women suffer from swollen breasts and also extra volume in them which further causes discomfort. This is caused due to release of progesterone. It is always recommended by doctors to decrease the amount of caffeine related products during the months of having periods.

The periods occur in women from puberty and are also usually tracked before and after pregnancy. Most women complain of having more sensitive feeling in the nipples which is generally caused by breast-swelling hormone such as prolactin and try ways to stop irritation due to friction.

Blood Clots

At the time of different seasons of your menstrual period, the flow of blood changes from lighter to heavier. It is nothing to worry about but very important to always be in touch with a doctor in order to avoid any complication that might occur during the cycle.

Having blood clots happens during the time of your period. Anticoagulants helps to stop blood clots in the body. However, do remember that the bleeding rates may vary and it sometimes takes time for some blood clots to get released on time.

Acne Issues

The acne problems are generally related to puberty of women and the different hormonal releases in the body. Do remember that, taking proper medication on time helps to solve the issue. Moreover, you can take natural products.

The oily skin generally blocks the pores in your body which further causes acne. There are some bacterias which results in acne breakouts and also causes inflammation which is caused due to many dead-skin cells.

Menstrual Cycles

Lastly, all women having period or menstrual bleeding know have proper knowledge of the different menstrual cycles. The cycles are not similar for all women but the ovulation process is generally same with release of the ovary happens in the onset of the month.

During your period cycles, it is also very important to regular track the progress. For the purpose, you can take help of the many period apps about which we have already discussed in the past. There are many things that are dependent on you periods such as eating issues, illness, anxiety and also weight gain.

Things to Remember:

So, you have known more about the different issues that women face during menstruation periods and pregnancy periods. In addition to Periods Problems we also discuss in our previous post regrading the personal hygiene habits women needs to follow. The sole priority is to always reduce the problems associated with it and further lessen the pain that one has to go through during their periods. Most of the people are looking for the most natural solutions for the different period related issues. The monthly periods also needs to be tracked in order to have normal periods. The period flow varies according to phases and can become from very light to very heavy. The different causes and the related treatments which are said to be implemented strictly to find right results. We have tries to answer all the questions that women generally asked about their periods. Thus, best of luck for your healthy periods!

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