10 ultimate low-fat Superfoods to eat (PART 2)

10 low fat Superfoods to achieve your fitness Goals

What are your fitness goals? Do you know about the foods that you should use eat along with practicing exercises and fitness routines daily? Do remember that, diet is an essential part of wellness program as it they are both complimentary.


Everyone is trying to find the best foods with the requirement nutrition levels which will help to keep your body fit. The internet is full of bogus miracle foods which claim to help you lose many pounds and give you a perfect body shape, just buy eating it. This is the second part of the superfoods series and do not forget to check the first part. The Superfoods which helps to lose weight are discussed in the post are barley, quinoa, pistachios, chia seeds, white beans, chickpeas, tarragon, spinach, tomatoes and also sardines.

10 low fat Superfoods to achieve your fitness Goals

Can you name the best low-fat foods to have in order to maintain by body fitness? I have starting doing exercises and also hitting the gym regularly and now I want to make a diet plan for myself in order to lose more excess belly fat and get a better figure. What are you suggestions on the same? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) has listed some of the best foods which have low fat content but are highly nutritious.


Do remember that, barley contains a lot of fiber which further helps one feel full for a long time which helps to lose weight. It is one of the best foods to eat in order to correct your digestive system. Along with having barley, you should also drink barley water. In addition to that, barley also contains about around 600 to 750 calories which also has carbohydrates.

Reasons to eat it:

  • It also contains carbohydrates
  • Helps to fill up your tummy
  • Also contains amount of fiber
  • Know to work wonders on weight loss
  • Do not forget to drink barley water


The quinoa or quinoa grain which is very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and calcium and also iron. The food has very high in dietary fiber and protein and is also very useful because of its very low calorie count. It is one of the best cereals to have and can be eaten with vegetable and also salads. This is also called very vital weight loss diet for the vegans.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Do have very low calorie amount
  • Is one if the weight-loss diets
  • Quinoa do also contain magnesium
  • It can be added to any food
  • Helps to also control cholesterol


The pistachios is one of the best nuts to have for those who are going forย weight loss. This food is not only useful for your heart but also contains a lot of nutrients which is also makes it very useful for your health. Do remember that, pistachios also contains fat of around 13 grams, calories of around 170 along with no added salt which is ideal for less-fat.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Known to be gluten-free
  • Is ideal as a low-fat food
  • Also known to contain calcium
  • Pistachios contains amounts of protein
  • Does not have any cholestrol

Chia seeds

One of the best foods to have if you are thinking of losing weight fat faster is chia seeds. If order to have chia seeds, do not forget to add it in your daily diet plan. having chis seeds will also ensure that you are consuming around 138 calories along 9 grams of fat along with 10 grams of fiber. Most of the people eat chia seeds as a whole grain buy can be used as pseudo grain.

Reasons to eat it:

  • One of the best breakfast meals
  • Is very rich in fiber
  • One of the mist nutritious foods
  • Chia seeds do have omega-3 fatty acids
  • Help you to burn more pounds

White Beans

Most of the people is looking for weight loss aid which is completely natural and white beans seems to be the answer. One of the most useful beans to have for getting your weight loss. In addition to that, white beans is very useful to moderate cholesterol control for diabetic patients. The food is very rich in different types of elements such as protein and also fiber.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Is very for digestion purposes
  • It contains hormone called cholecystokinin
  • Must be taken in any weight-loss program
  • Helps to fill up your stomach
  • Very useful for obese people to lose weight


Chickpeas is known to consist of many ingredients which which are very health for your body. The things that you will generally find in chickpeas are vitamin B and also iron. This food is generally very high in fiber which is also help to control blood pressure and moreover, it is also known to have high nutrition density and known to have calorie amount of amount 269.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Has very high amount of protein
  • Os also known to contain fiber
  • Try to ad d chickpeas in your food
  • Know t o posses high nutrient density
  • Also considered ideal for weight loss

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Dragon herb which is also known as tarragon is known for becoming as a seasonal ingredient and one of the most popular and useful herbs to have. The different elements which you will find in tarragon are calcium, potassium, iron and also vitamin A. Moreover, you should have this herb for the purpose of correct your body fat growth and is know to have sedative qualities.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Is known to work as sedative
  • Helps to full up your appetite
  • tarragon helps to improve your digestion
  • Very useful to cure cases of toothache
  • Known to also modify reproductive health


Spinach is the best green that one can have in order to lose weight. The different nutrients that you can find is raw form of spinach is around 2.9g of proteins. The amount of calories that you will get by having is about 23. Due to its characteristics, these food is also called as the nutritional powerhouse. Their are many health benefits along with having thyllakoids which is good for weight loss.

Reasons to eat it:

  • One of the best weight loss greens
  • You can also take spinach juice
  • It is very useful for skin
  • Helps to correct your gastrointestinal health
  • Known to be good for vision


Tomato is also considered to be one of the best foods to consume if you want less-fat foods in your diet. Tomatoes are an essential for any salad preparation and is known to help weight management programs. In addition to helping to check your belly fat growth, it is known to be very benefitial as anti-aging food. Moreover, it contains leptin which helps to increase your body metabolic rate.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Tomato is one of the most nutritious foods</span
  • Do make salad by adding tomato
  • Try to take a tomato diet to become healthy
  • You must make a tomato soup for yourself
  • It is one of the most low-calorie foods


You must take sardines if you wish to regulate your weight. Sardines are known to very rich in proteins. In addition to that, it is also very rich in omega-3. Moreover, it helps to also control your mood swings. If you want to also increase your bone, health do always have sardines. The different elements that you will find in sardines are vitamin D and also calcium.

Reasons to eat it:

  • Do try many sardine recipes
  • It contains only 400 mg of sodium
  • Helps to also increase metabolism
  • Is very useful to cure health diseases
  • Must take it for getting weight loss


Have Fat-Free Foods:

Thus, now that you have known the different facts about the top superfoods to eat in order to burn more pounds, it is time to consume them and make a proper diet plan comprising of these foods. In order to take professional help, which will help you to get effective results and also fast, do consult any nutrition expert or doctor. As mentioned before as exercises and food are both essential for your body, you also need to work out on a regular basis and just eating healthy food will not help to lose that extra fat in your body. So, best of luck for your fitness goals!

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