10 Best Healthiest Cities in the World

10 Best healthiest cities in the world

Do you lead a fit lifestyle? Have you ever taken a healthy vacation? Did you ever visit health resorts? What are the fitness activities that you can do while residing in a city? The team at Lose Weight Loss (LWL) is here to solve all your queries related to health and fitness.


Today, we will discuss about the many cities which are across the globe and also considered very ideal to visit for being very useful for the health-conscious population. Many important factors are counted for the sake of deciding the best and the world city to live in which includes health, gym availability and quality, life expectancy, obesity, green space and other elements to work out which are the world’s healthiest cities. The names of places are the cities of Wellington in New Zealand, Amsterdam in Netherlands Seoul in South Korea, Tel Aviv in Israel, Canberra in Australia, Montreal in Canada, Porto in Portugal, Singapore city in Singapore, São Paulo in Brazil and also Houston in USA. This will definitely be very much effective for those who are on the lookout for something that will work as a guidance for their health tour in different nations.

10 Best healthiest cities in the world

What are the problems that you may face if you are staying in an unhealthy environment? For the benefit of your health and well-being, you must keep in mind always to go those cities in the world which have good healthy infrastructure and will not adversely impact your fitness in any way? I am thinking of cities to visit as part of my health plan, can you suggest the names of the places which are good for visit. We are trying to list the 10 best healthiest cities in the world

Wellington, New Zealand

The survey has found that Wellington has the most active residents when compared to 13 other cities around the world, including Auckland and Christchurch. The men who plan the city should find the importance of high-density city centers and green spaces.

Also, because of the city’s high density and easily accessible open space, Wellingtonians clocked up almost twice as much exercise time per day as residents in Baltimore which is the least activity-friendly city at 29.2 minutes each day.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is important to note that being healthy is easier to do when the city you are in also has healthy social habits, which means not too many fast-food restaurants, clean air and green space, which is vital for all fitness freaks.

In addition to that, the city of Amsterdam, is known for grabbing first place on the HCI. The Dutch city performs particularly well when it comes to work-life balance and electric car charging points, and scores an average of 6.97 over the 10 components.

Seoul, South Korea

The third city in the list is Seoul which is the capital of South Korea. The place has experienced dramatic and disruptive modernization and is now has a highly developed and up-to-date infrastructure and a relatively buoyant economy which supports good fit people.

Moreover, it is equipped for what is likely to be another decade of global unpredictability, in economic, social, cultural and political terms. However, fitness is an important aspect of the residents of this particular city.

Tel Aviv, Israel

You will be surprised to know that recycling in Israel has improved a lot, with cities like Tel Aviv increasing its recycling to 10.9% of all waste in 2018 from just 3.3% fifteen years earlier which is good improvement for health reasons.

Also, you must know that the most cultured cities in the survey along with Tel Aviv were Ramat Gan, Petah Tikva, Rishon Letzion and Holon in the country of Israel. By the way, Tel Aviv is the capital city of the nation.

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Canberra, Australia

Canberra is the city other from Australia to rank in the top ten list compiled by us. The city of Canberra is one of the best healthiest cities to live in and boasts of beautiful environment for people of all ages.

In addition to that, the cities were judged on ten categories including annual sunshine hours, life expectancy, work-life balance, air and water quality and annual holidays and is also the capital region of Australia.

Montreal, Canada

The next city in the list of places to live around the world to stay healthy is from North America and is known as Montreal. Another city from Canada which is also known to have good health parameter is Vancouver.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that average gym ratings, annual sunshine hours, life expectancy, fast food outlets, obesity in adults, work-life balance, annual vacation days, air and water quality, green space are taken into account.

Porto, Portugal

Let us talk about some city of this old city of Porto. It is the second-largest city in Portugal and one of the major urban areas in Southwestern Europe and is found along the Douro river estuary in Northern Portugal.

Also, you must remember that, it is one of the oldest European places, and its historical center was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. The population if this city is very much active and wants to stay fit.

Singapore city, Singapore

You must also keep in mind that the importance of The Healthy City concept is to harness the opportunities to utilize underground space for the benefit of a healthy above ground urban environment for the citizens.

In addition to that, when the world is witnessing so much population growth, providing healthy environments for citizens is one of the challenges Singapore and other metropolitan cities face and is known to do a good job.

São Paulo, Brazil

The largest city in the country of Brazil is São Paulo. It is developing above its reputation for urban sprawl and developing a cool personality led by restaurateurs and artists and also health lovers.

Moreover, art scene of the city is booming, with myriad minimalist whitewashed galleries dotted throughout. You will get many wellness centers in order to rejuvenate yourself with a vacation of the Latin America.

Houston, USA

The last place from the world which is from the health-friendly city is Houston. The many categories such as premature-death rate, quality of public hospital systems, number of obese residents, quality of parks and other factors were also included for the purpose of listing.

Also, Houston is the only city which is from the United States and all the other cities from the country has to come up with new innovations which is the most important factor for the reason to improve the healthy environment form the people of the particular city.

Fitness is Vital for Health:

So now, you need to make the right choice. In the above post, under the name of the cities of many countries, we have mentioned the reasons for listing them. Al the benefits and advantages of the country are talked about. Most of the cities are large metropolis with big population. Along with that, there are many cities which are also capital regions of that particular nation. In addition to that, in an earlier blog, we have talked about the best cities from across the country of United States in terms of fitness. If your are fitness lover the we also discuss about the free muscle building apps for iPhone and android. You must not forget to go through it, before coming back here for useful health hacks for a better lifestyle. Moreover, the parameters of fitness have changed over the years with much more demanding life ensures that you are always on the top of health. Thus, the time has arrived for all the people to pick the best city from the list and share the experience after visiting the place!

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