Complete list of weight loss-friendly superfruits to have (PART 2)

Weight Loss fruits to Lose Weight Quickly

Do you like to eat fruits? Do you want to add fruits in your daily diet plan? Want to have knowledge about the weight loss benefits of eating fruits? The given number of fruits in the list are known as weight loss-friendly foods.


This is the second part of the blog series on the best fruits to eat in order to lose weight. You must read our earlier post we discuss about the on the top fruits to lose weight faster which includes  bananas, pomegranates, grapefruits, watermelons, avocados, apples, pears, oranges, berries and also lemons. In this post, the second list of fruits that are covered includes pineapples, papayas, peaches, cherries, apricots, guavas, damsons, coconuts, mangoes and also kiwifruits. The fruits that are mentioned in the list are not only healthy but also helps you quicken your weight loss program to a great extent. Learn about the different benefits of the given fruits in details.

Weight Loss fruits to Lose Weight Quickly

What are the top fruits to eat for those who are going through a weight loss process? Want to Know the Natural Fruits to Lose Weight Quickly and Naturally?  I have started a program for the purpose of losing weight and want to have natural foods like fruits which help me in my quest for a leaner figure, can you suggest a list for the same? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) team have complied the number of fruits that you must take.


This fruit always is featured first in therms of listing the best fruits for weight loss. Pineapple is also called natural weight loss food. The fruit is so useful for those who are searching for the perfect to assist in their weight-loss program is because of its low calorie and low-fat characteristics. Moreover, it is know n to stabilize your energy levels and keep your tummy full.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Moist popular weight-loss fruit
  • Considered one of the best low-fat fruit
  • This fruit will give you only 80 calories
  • Also known to contain vitamin C
  • Is known to prevent constipation


Papaya is known to become very useful for those who are suffering for various ailments such as constipation, bloating, heartburn which are some of the symptoms of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Another advantage of eating papaya is its anti-­parasitic characteristics. This fruit which is known to have not any such side-effects and can also cure human intestinal parasites.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Papaya is known to treat kidney damage
  • Is known to have hardly any side-effects
  • Helps to improve your digestion
  • Also ideal to treat cases of IBS
  • Do have anti­-parasitic elements


The peaches which are also called nectarines along with cherries is one of the most health fruits to have for the purpose to lose weight. The fruit have higher amounts of the antioxidant levels. One of the benefits of having is that, it also has very different kinds of flavors which makes it useful to eat with other foods and can also be consumed as fruit salad.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Must be included in fruit salad
  • Is very rich in antioxidant
  • one of preferred fruit for weight loss
  • can be available in may flavors
  • You can also eat with other foods


The cherries are amazing in their own right but they also pair well with many other healthy foods. Do remember to have cherries which re fully ripen in order to enjoy the fruit. The cherries do not ripen further after being picked, and unripe cherries will have less flavor and fewer nutrients, so look for cherries that are just right. It is also one of the top superfoods.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Is one of the best superfoods
  • You need to pick plump ones
  • Always eat the ones which are ripe
  • Can be eaten with many other foods
  • Cherry is having many useful nutrients


One of the essential thing that the people who are wishing to lose fat is to consume low-fats foods and apricots is definitely the answer for them. The characteristics that are known to found in this fruit is antioxidant and also contains vitamin A. Moreover, this fruit also work wonders to prevent many dangerous diseases such as heart disease, cancer and cataracts.In addition to these weight loss fruits you cam also try yoga for weight loss

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Do have apricots to control cholesterol
  • Is also known to have beta-carotene
  • Should be consumed to lose fat
  • You can find vitamin A in apricots
  • Apricots also contains soluble fiber

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One of the top green fruits to east in order to lose weight is guava. Many people do not know about the various benefits of this fruit which is also called nutrition-packed fruit. Guava is rich dietary fiber and fulfill about should be use for tour daily consumption of fiber. Furthermore, it also helps to clear your digestion system and makes you more healthier.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Guavas are useful for your skin
  • Is also know to help in fertility
  • This fruit is very rich in manganese
  • Also can be categorized int low-fat fruit
  • Helps to control blood pressure


This is one of the plums that you should definitely have. The Damson is very rich in various kinds of nutrients and also minerals such as riboflavin, potassium, phosphorous, copper, manganese, and magnesium. The fruit is more useful for weight loss as it also have antioxidant compounds and also known to be a source of dietary fiber and check cholesterol.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Is known to aid digestion
  • Helps to also improve heart health
  • Damson also increases energy levels
  • Also have ability to prevent cancer
  • Must be eaten for better sleep


Coconut is one of the most important fruits to have when you are working out in the form of coconut water. The different advantages of consuming coconuts is helps you to correct your digestion process and is known to also given you added energy. You should make it a point to have fresh coconuts as it has the necessary characteristics such as triglycerides.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • Include coconut in your weight loss diet
  • Always try to have fresh coconut
  • Also contains many useful vitamins
  • Is very essential for energizing body
  • Do try to drink coconut water


Mango is another fruit which can also help you lose more weight. The different elements that you will find in vitamins A, B-6 and along with folate along with that mango is also refereed to as weight-loss miracle fruit. The fruit is also preferred by those who want to have less belly fat due to its low-energy density and fiber content which is high.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • It helps to cover your calorie deficit
  • Known to be very helpful for weight loss
  • Have less energy density which is useful
  • Also contains good amount of fiber
  • Try to have mangoes in your meal


Kiwifruit are also favorite of many and known to be be very beneficial for weight loss enthusiasts. The different elements in which you can find an kiwifruit are potassium, phytochemicals, carotenoids, folate, fiber and also vitamins C, E and K. This is fruit is known to help those people who have diabetes by regulating blood pressure and also increase the immunity of your body.

Reasons to Eat the Fruit:

  • This fruit is ideal for weight loss
  • Known to fight diseases like flu
  • Helps to improve your sleeping habits
  • Also have more content of serotonin
  • Is useful to develop your immune system

Fruits for Weight Loss:

So, you have learned about the reasons which makes it essential for you to have the fruits. The fruits contains many elements such as minerals, fibers which helps to check the fat growth in the body. Having a diet of fruits is not only very health but also nutritious at the same time. There are various ways that you can consume the fruits and include in your meals such as fruit salads, combining into with another food and also drinking juices of different kinds of fruits. These fruits are also called superfruits for a reason that it can cause amazing changes in your health and helps you get a fit body. Moreover, the fruits which are listed here are also easily available in the market for you to buy and enjoy. Thus, the time has come for you try these fruits and so make yourself a fruit meal!

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