Essential personal hygiene habits for women to follow

personal hygiene habits for women to follow

It is true fact that women suffer from internal infections and complications much more than menfolks. Thus, it is very essential for women to always maintains proper personal hygiene habits specially during the menstrual period.


The body of a woman goes through various ages as she grows older. It is very important to take proper care of the body. Moreover, personal hygiene is much important during the period of menstrual and pregnancy. Women should be very alert in order to check any internal issues that they face and visit doctor for finding right solutions before the things go out of hand. The different issues which are discussed in this article are cleansing your body, checking your odor, maintaining oral hygiene, always caring during menstrual cycle, treating vaginal dryness, must take care of hair and nails, knowing eating habits, modifying drinking choices, wearing right clothes and also do visit doctor regularly.

personal hygiene habits for women to follow
personal hygiene habits for women to follow

What are the top issues that women face during their menstrual cycles? I am suffering from body dryness, what the preventive measures that I must take? The post explains in details about the different problems and solutions regarding hygiene and wellness of women.

Body Cleansing

The basic hygiene procedure which is very necessary not only for better health and also mental wellbeing is cleaning your body from any germ and bacterias. With high pollution levels, it is very necessary to keep your body clean and less oily in order to prevent any kind of infections.

This post is for women who are having periods or at the stage of before and during pregnancy. For those kind of women, keeping your body clean is more that essential as they are more prone to any kind of allergies and complications, specially at their vaginal area. Do always use natural remedies to clean yourself.

Check your Odor

Body odor is a turn off for most people. However, women during their menstruation period and also at the pregnancy time, suffer from many changes in the body which results in body odor. people always go for deodorants and perfumes must only works as much as masking the odor to some extent.

Women who are in the middle of their periods can suffer from cases of bad odor due to chance so infection in the vaginal area which is caused due to regular discharges and not proper cleaning of the area. It is must to clean the place in order to avoid any kinds of infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is always advised by doctors in order to keep your digestive process in order. Improper oral hygienic habits can also result in infections and cases of ulcers in the mouth. Keeping you teeth and tongue clean at the time of going to bed is a must.

In order to take maximum care of your teeth, it is always recommended to do flossing. It ensures cleanings of any food particles that cannot be removed by brushing alone. Moreover, do remember to also keep your gums healthy in order to avoid teeth from falling early.

Care during Menstrual Cycle

During the menstrual cycle, many different kinds of hormones are discharged such as estrogen and progesterone. The frequency of mensuration process do vary and the time of period for women according to the lifestyle and norms of the country.

However, as discussed in this post, taking extra care of personal hygiene is important before and during the process of pregnancy. My women during different ages are known to suffer from many neurological issues which becomes more evident during this phase. Moreover, most also complain of food swings and food cravings.

Treat Vaginal Dryness

Most of the women suffer from vaginal dryness during the menstrual cycle and also afterwards. So, it is important to note that because of regular discharge, there are also chances of infections that can occur during the period of menstrual cycle.

You must have heard of vaginal moisture which is generally lubrication which is formed by the glands. Thus, it is vital to keep the place less moist n order to avoid any complication before or after the menopause period. This problem is more evident for those for older women as they also complain of pain in the area.

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Take care of Hair and Nails

Women generally do take special care of their hair and nails to keep them clean and colorful. However, it should be made sure that during the time of pregnancy and at the time of menstrual cycle that you cut you nails short and clean you hair regularly to maintain proper hygiene.

Irritation and infection at the vaginal area due to use of nails can complicate issues later. Instead of using any artificial color on you hair, it is always suggested by doctors and experts to put natural dying components on you hair to enure you overall health.

Know eating Habits

Junk foods are not at all healthy options and should always be avoided in all terms. Moreover, women who are having periods or during their phase of pregnancy are advised by doctors by stop eating any kind of unhealthy foods. You should always eat foods which will make your health stronger and also decreases chances of infection.In our previous post we already discuss about the Common Pregnancy Health issues women should watch.

Pregnant women needs to eat more during the time of pregnancy and should go for foods which are completely healthy. Eating unhealthy foods also impacts your body in terms of bad sweat and also can cause allergies to your vaginal area during the period of mensuration.

Modify Drinking Choices

Drinking during the period of pregnancy or mensuration is not all a good choice and not recommended by doctors. It can cause internal damage to your body and can adversely hamper the health of the unborn child.  

However, drinking mores mounts of water is essential solution in order to cleanse the body internally and also improving the digestive system. Having more water is an essential remedy for those who are suffering from acute constipation. So, you should must modify your drinking habits.

Wear right Clothes

Most people may question the link to wearing clothes to hygiene. However, wearing the right clothes for right situations is essential for maintain proper fitness and better health. Moreover, wrong clothes for pregnant or for women having periods can worsen the situation.

There are some warnings which are given by experts and also doctors on the clothes which needs to be worn in order to maintain better health for pregnant women or to avoid any kind of vaginal infections. It is recommended to avoid spandex, leather pants and also bathing suits for longer time.

Do visit Doctor

Lastly, the most useful advised that can be given to women who are suffering any vaginal or menstrual problems is to visit a gynecologist at the earliest. There are some kinds of infections which can be easily cured if proper measures are taken during the right time.

Not visiting doctor will result in complications which may worsen the health conditions and can also sometimes become life-threatening. Moreover, do follow diligently the advice of the doctor on a timely basis in order to properly maintain your health, along with following the basic hygiene tips that are mentioned in the post.

Things to Remember:

So, you have easily understood that by following these very basic and important personal hygiene habits will helps you to stay fit and free from any kinds of illness. These tips will works as essential preventive measures that you must always go for. The tips which are mentioned in the post is identical and useful for women of all ages right from young adults to older women.
Lose Weight Loss (LWL) always prefer to discuss and recommend natural results and they are always better that any products which also have many after-effects and also do not suit some people and result in various kinds of allergies. Thus, best of luck for your fitness and wellness!

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