Yoga Apps for iPhone and Android to become your own yoga teacher in 2018 (Part 1)

10 best yoga apps for iPhone and Android

Yoga is a proven way to lose weight fast and also one of the most preferred natural solution to check fat growth. LWL (Lose Weight Loss) have listed the best yoga apps for both the iPhone and Android users and consists of both free and paid ones.


What is Yoga? Still, if you do not about yoga; here is the one-line answer that will explain to you. Yoga is an ancient discipline and practice from India that helps in your spiritual, mental and physical growth. Yoga has become widely popular worldwide in the recent times and specially in USA and Canada. You can find yoga classes at almost every corner and just search online for “yoga classes near me” to visit a class near your place. Thereafter, you choose the course that you want to enroll for.

10 best yoga apps for iPhone and Android

Moreover, it is important to learn for all those who want to learn yoga, about the different forms of yoga which is practiced. There are mainly classified as Classical yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and also Hot/Bikram yoga. You can also learn yoga and become a certified yoga instructor or even open your own yoga classes. in order to make it easier to understand, yoga is a collection of asanas (postures) which are further divided in to beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

As with any other disciple and with the growth of information and technology (IT), it is also available in your smartphones, desktops and tablets through the many apps. There are many yoga apps which are found online, but LWL (Lose Weight Loss) has curated the most popular and useful apps that you must know about. What are the best apps to use to become a yoga instructor?  What are the best daily yoga apps for iPhone and android ? What are easiest asanas or postures to do in yoga? Read the post below to find the answers to all the above questions.

Pocket YogaPocket Yoga

Considered one of the best yoga apps to be available online, Pocket Yoga is available for almost all users as it available in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and also Android. In additional to that, do not forget to take help from the dictionary which explains every yoga pose.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Get chance to create your own virtual environment
  • Also have support form TV and AirPlay
  • Do use yoga pose dictionary to understand postures more
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Can work fine without any net connectivity




Yoga Studio iPhone yoga appsYoga Studio

By going for Yoga Studio, you can take the free yoga program for two weeks. The other exciting features includes special classes from famous instructor Rodney Ye, and the chance to make your completely own yoga programs.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Have ability to make tour own classes
  • Get chance to create your own online studio
  • You can also go for pre-natal yoga programs
  • Do get exclusive classes from renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee




Daily Yoga apps for andoirdDaily Yoga

One of the best yoga training and tracking app available in the online world. Daily Yoga helps to answer all the questions in your mind about learning yoga that will be solved by the vast community of yoga lovers.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Do use beautiful music background while doing yoga
  • Take help from Pro classes
  • Can go for plans that suits your budget
  • Always design special programs to target your different body parts
  • Have chance to travel virtually worldwide through yoga programs




Universal Breathing Pranayama yoga app for iPhone and AndroidUniversal Breathing Pranayama

As you can guess from the name that, it is essentially an advanced breathing application which goes deep into the different form of deep breathing exercises (Pranayama) and the ways to benefits from. Moreover, it also helps to cure ailments such as migraines, high blood pressure, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and also asthma.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is ideal for stressed and depressed persons
  • Gives valuable information to keep body and mind fit
  • You can have the music to soothe your breathing exercises
  • Has most extensive breathing program
  • Can also prevent many dangerous ailments




5 Minute Yoga best yoga apps for iPhone5 Minute Yoga

This free app which has in-app purchases is named 5 Minute Yoga is ideal for working professionals who are looking for quick yoga training and classes online. It gives a step-wise yoga poses for the yoga beginners to want to become an yoga expert overtime.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is one easy-to-learn yoga app
  • Have very-user friendly features
  • You can go for in-app purchases to learn more
  • Has collection of easy and hard yoga postures
  • Can do all these things in only 5 minutes




Waze motorbike riding appSimply Yoga

Simply Yoga which is a top-class fitness trainer has good number of videos along with audio instructions which are further divided into different kinds of levels. Moreover, there are many routines that you can start following and is meant for both men and women.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • The app in added into workout plans
  • Have chance to make your own routine
  • It is also been featured in Wired magazine
  • Get to learn from more than 30 poses
  • Is targeted for both men and women users




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Yogatrail yoga apps for 2018Yogatrail

YogaTrail is considered as your personal yoga master. Moreover, YogaTrail has almost around the biggest network of yoga practitioners. This free app is ideal as it also has information about yoga studios from more than 100 countries worldwide.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Considered best personal yoga trainer
  • Is available in around 100 countries
  • Has big network of yoga professionals
  • Also get information about yoga studios near your place
  • This app is available for free




Global Yoga Academy Global Yoga Academy

As the name suggests, Global Yoga Academy is one of the best yoga academy to subscribe online and follow to become an expert in yoga. The popular health website as Healltine has also rated it as the best yoga app for two consecutive years namely 2016 and 2017.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Has all kinds of yoga videos in HD
  • Consists of different kinds of yoga programs
  • You can also track every yoga session
  • Take help of the Global Yoga Academy community
  • Do also go for in-app purchases




Grokker best yoga app for iPhone and androidGrokker

You should also try Grokker as it is not only your usual yoga learning app but a complete workout planner and tutorial. In addition to that, you can know about the effectiveness of the program by reading various testimonials. Do not forget to check the useful videos and take part in the challenges.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • It is not just any ordinary yoga application
  • Go for an extensive workout planner
  • Also include many expert tutorials
  • Look at many videos which are included
  • Do always follow Grokker challenge




Yoga Journal best yoga app for android and iPhoneYoga Journal

Yoga Journal is an online magazine for both Android and iPhone users. It is the only magazine on yoga that you will ever need as it has all the news, articles and tutorials on the various kinds of yoga from the experts.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Considered the #1 authority on yoga
  • It is available in many countries
  • Only yoga magazine that you must read
  • You can also subscribe magazine online
  • It reviews about best yoga classes available




Now You Choose:

Thus, you have learnt about the top yoga application that you can download and start using in your smartphones. Moreover, there are make specific desktop and tablet apps which are also very helpful. The apps which are discussed above can mainly be classified into activity trackers, yoga tutorials, yoga online classes and also general fitness and calorie intake tracking apps which are available in the market. These all apps are equally useful as you can save time and money by learning and practice beginners and advanced yoga virtually. So, choose the one that best suites and start using it regularly.

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