10 Superfoods which are useful to better your Mood

10 Superfood to boost your mood

Do you suffer from mood swings? Do you face any kind of severe depression? Did you have any idea that there are some foods which are found in the market which can work wonders for the purpose of changing your mood and help you feel better mentally? What are the essential ingredients that are available in the listed food items which are useful for the purpose of curing cases of acute depression of mood changes. If you are having issues in relation to your mood, the team at Lose Weight Loss (LWL) is here to help you find the required solution.


Now, let us talk about mood-pleasing food items. The growing research shows that simply making changes in what you eat can significantly boost mood and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. While many of us reach for stodgy comfort foods when the blues kick in, snacking on mood-boosting superfoods will help to keep you healthier and happier too. Food is important, not just for our physical health but also for our mind. It can be an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It supports the theory that what we eat everyday can improve our mood and help with treating depression and anxiety. Nutritional psychiatry is a new but growing field that is becoming mainstream. The foods which are discussed in the post are namely yeast, asparagus, chocolate, yogurt, blueberries, fish oil, bananas, Brazil nuts, green tea and also oysters.

10 Superfood to boost your mood

What problems you face while not being in mood? What are the physical complications that come with bad mood? When was the last time your therapist or doctor asked you what you are eating? What are the best mood boosting foods to have? So all these questions will be answered in this post, so keep reading.


Do note that the yeast extract is a good source of B vitamins, which can help to lift your mood. B vitamins are important for normal brain function and producing mood-boosting serotonin, with vitamins B12 and B6 being particularly beneficial for regulating your mood.


Moreover, you will also be surprised to know that the Yeast extract spreads are also high in sodium, which blunts the body’s natural responses to stress by inhibiting stress hormones, so it is also to be included in your diet chart.


The next superfood in the list of mood-boosting food items is the Asparagus. You must know that, it is rich in folic acid and also contains magnesium- both of which are popular for their mood-lightening properties.


One of the major advantage of having this food in this article is that, this particular food item can also be added with other foods for the purpose of creating both healthy and tasty food combinations for people suffering from depression.


According to research, it has been found that eating a little dark chocolate which is about 1.4 ounces of it on a daily basis for two weeks reduced the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in people who were highly stressed.

chocolates helps to boost your mood

Moreover, it also must be considered that you need to extra careful while talking intakes of any kinds of chocolate items as there is always a concern over weight gain and then, the urgent need to lose your growing belly fat.


You must be aware of the fact that probiotics fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut that help keep your gut bacteria in control. Moreover, gut bacteria help in keeping better mood, less stress and anxiety, and also lower risk of depression.


In addition to that, do remember that, there are instances that eating this particular superfood for the purpose of mood-boosting has not worked for some group of people. For that reason, you must have it, to check whether this food works for you or not.


This superfood item is also a superfruit as it is a know fact that blueberries have more antioxidants than any other common fruit or vegetable and are also included in this particular list for having brain-boosting benefits. We have already discuss about the foods to boost brain memory

Blueberries the superfood to boost your mood

In addition to that, the additional qualities that are found in blueberries includes like helping to regulate mood, improving memory and also protecting the brain from aging. Along with that, anti-inflammatory chemicals is also available in this particular fruit.

Fish Oil

You must know that the studies have found that high fish consumption reduces depression. This may in part be due to the fact that fish is often a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, an effective supplement to treatment for depression.

fish oil

In addition to that, if you are using omega-3 fatty acid supplements, most studies recommend 1 to 3 grams daily for mood, and there should be more eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) than docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) listed on the label.

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The Bananas are a good source of tryptophan, which can help to enhance your mood, aid relaxation and boost your confidence and they are also rich in magnesium, which can help you to relax, and vitamin B6, which can help to relieve depression.

foods to change your mood

In addition to that, the banana fruit is also high in carbohydrates, which stimulate the production of serotonin, helping you to feel happier. You can ad this food item to any kind of food and enjoy your meal.

Brazil nuts

Along with having walnuts, another good nut to add into your diet is the Brazil nuts. this superfood has an extremely rich source of the mineral selenium, with research suggesting that just one Brazil nut a day can provide you with your recommended daily intake.

brazil nuts helps to better your mood

It is suggested by nutrition experts that as low levels of selenium can lead to depression, irritability and anxiety, snacking on Brazil nuts could be the perfect healthy way to boost your mood.

Green Tea

Along with having weight loss advantages, there are many reasons to include green tea to your daily food intake as drinking two to three cups of green tea a day was linked to reduced depression symptoms in elderly people.

Green tea for mood change

In addition to that, there are many useful nutrients which are known to be present in greeen tea such as L-theanine which is an amino acid that helps fight anxiety along with providing you dosage of caffeine. In addition to above green tea also helps to lose weight quickly


You must keep in mind that the oysters which are one of the seafoods have a reputation as an aphrodisiac. This is a food item which can be used at the particular time when you are feeling low as work as an instant mood-lifter.


In addition to that, the oysters are also known to have high content of zinc which is a nutrient that also helps to ease anxiety. However, the zinc also helps to improve the sleep quality to a great extent.

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Do Improve your Mood:

So now, you have a headway. The foods which we eating on a daily basis are one of the major factors. It is time to keep a check on the things which we are eating or drinking on a daily basis. Do note that, depression is a bit more severe than dysthymia. In an earlier post, we have talked about ideal foods for older people which you should guide to the older person of your family and friends. A person suffering from depression is usually in a constant state of sadness. They usually suffer from insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, digestive disorders and even thoughts of suicide. The treatment is usually the best option, because without it, the symptoms can last from weeks to years. Do not forget to share your feedback on the best food to eat to better your mood!

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