10 cardio exercises to burn your belly fat

cardio exercises to burn belly fat

Did you know that cardio is a solution for weight loss problems? What are the benefits of doing cardio exercises ? What are the many cardio workout plans that you should practice? Lose Weight Loss(LWL) team has listed the main list of exercises that consists of cardio.


Now, we are going to discuss about the best and the most popular workout exercises. We are going to list more set of exercises a later blog and this is the first post o the series of cardio exercises. The exercises which we have talked about are the very easy and a re aimed at those who are staring to do exercises. Weight is possible by cardio exercises if done properly. We have avoided the exercises that needs to done using gym equipment’s and listed the exercises which can be done outdoors and are the most natural ones. One of the most important things for those who are practicing cardio is to ensure that you are losing more fat and increasing your training intensity gradually. We have also the best home workout option s for each of these exercises for someone who does not have the time to go out by need to do cardio for losing belly fat.

cardio exercises to burn belly fat

What are the cardio exercises that every beginner should be doing? I am thinking of starting cardio exercises, can you suggest me with the list of exercises which I must try in order to shed the extra fat in my body? What are the best cardio workouts to lose belly fat ? In order to find the answer, you need to read the post which talks about the exercises in details.


The most basic of the exercises that you should do is walking. There are many advantages of a simple exercise like walking. Many people do not know about it but is definitely a good cardio exercise with helps to stay fit.

The main aim to losing weight is to burn more pounds. In addition to that, you should know that the more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you will burn. Moreover, remember that your exercise intensity must generally be at a moderate or vigorous level.


The next exercise in the list is running. You may need to sprint in order to lose weight but always run regularly and maintain the distance of the time that you are spending on running.

For those, who are going for beginner cardio workout plans, running and walking are the most easiest and starting points in order to condition you body. You can run indoors and also outdoors as the one that best suits you.


Climbing is the next exercises as part of your cardio workout. There are many ways you can start climbing depending on your environment as outdoor presents you you many facilities specially in hilly areas.

If you do not have the time to practice outside, climbing you staircase for indoor training will do the job. However, mountain climbing is ideal as it raises the heart rate while building strength and endurance in the core muscles.


Jumping along with climbing is one of the most natural cardio exercises that you can go for. You may have jumped innumerable times in your younger days but now, it takes a lot of effort on your part.

As part of your cardio circuit plan, there are various if jumping exercises that you can try. Start jumping with jumping rope, jogging in place, jumping jacks, etc and do some repetitions of each movement.

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Cycling is one of the best exercise to do as it helps to work on your all uscle parts in the body. In addition to that, remember that workouts on the bike build your cardiovascular endurance and strength in your legs.

Moreover, most of the sportpersons use this exercises and you can use indoor Cycling Cardio tools and it is know to burn more than five hundred calories of fat after working oy for around half an hour.


Along with swimming is the exercises that affects all your core muscles and is helps to fir you fit and to lose body fat quickly. If you do not know to swim, you must first learn to swim by a help of an instructor.

It is important to know that, swimming workouts are a great way to build muscle, develop cardio-respiratory fitness, and burn calories. One of the best part of doing swimming is that, it does not generally strains your joints


Another cardio exercise that is in a way associated with water is rowing. In addition to cycling and swimming, rowing also helps to engage all you core muscles which is essential if you are looking to lose Weight .

Rowing is defined as the act of propelling a boat using the motion of oars in the water by displacing water and propelling the boat forward. For those, who want to do this exercise indoor, you can use the rowing machine.


We have also included burpees and it is one of the best cardio exercise out there and it includes strength training along with aerobics which helps you with a complete full-body exercise.

However, it is important to note that, in order to get maximum benefits and to burn more fat, you should do this exercise properly. Moreover, it is known to burn hundred or more calories in ten minutes..


Along with being a cardio workout exercise, kick-boxing is also a popular spot around the world. It is a contact sport or exercise, so it is important to be careful and take help of instructor as a beginner.

Basic knowledge of kicks and punches is necessary for you to do kickboxing. In addition to that, there are many kinds of kick-boxing combinations that you need to familiarize before you start doing it.

Circuit training

The last workout exercise in the list of cardio is circuit training . One of the main points of difference between various exercise forms in the intensity of workout and the impacts it puts on your body.

In addition to that, circuit training is mainly damned a those who not only wants to lose and become lean but also build up and have muscles. It is a combination of resistance training and endurance training programs.

Have Cardio Routine:

So, now you have the idea of the number of cardio exercises that every person who is thing to start cardio exercises should be doing. In an earlier post, we have talked about strength training, so read it. There is a debate about the effectiveness of cardio or strength training for the purpose of weight loss. There are many advantages of cardio as it always suggested for beginners for it easiness. The cardio exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your body, whether you want to lose weight, burn fat, improve your health, or do all three. There are plenty of choices for cardio exercise which can be practiced in both indoors and outdoors which you have mentioned above. Thus, the time has come for you begin your cardio workout program and you can also share your feedback on the experience in the comment section below and wishing you best of luck!

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