Free Healthy cooking Apps for both iPhone and Android users in 2018

10 Best Food Recipe and Cooking apps for iPhone and android

How many healthy recipes do you know can help in losing weight faster ? What are the best ketogenic diet recipes that can be easily prepared? have you ever tried out healthy meal preparations? The team at Lose Weight Loss (LWL) will provide you with insight into the most popular and useful healthy recipe applications that you can try out.


Now, we will be discussing about the ingredients and cooking which are mentioned in the listed apps throughout this post. However, you should always keep it in mind that only having healthy diet charts will not help you in leading a fit lifestyle. It is very important from your part to take part in fitness programs in both indoor and outdoor locations. Moreover, it is vital that you take the advice of experts in the fitness business which you help to practice customized exercises which will help your body in a much better manner. In addition to that, you need to complement your eating habits with the perfect workout plans. The top-end applications with their details which are explained later includes the names such as Cookpad, HelloFresh, SparkPeople Healthy Recipes & Calculator, Runtasty, Yummly, Kitchen Stories, SideChef, Food Network in the Kitchen, BigOven and also Allrecipes Dinner Spinner.

10 Best Food Recipe and Cooking apps for iPhone and android

What are the mistakes that most fitness enthusiasts tend to make while planning for their ideal diet programs? What are the quickest healthy recipes which are useful for working people to make? I want to lose weight as fast as possible and am on the lookout for the best cooking apps which will provide me with the best recipes plans which I can prepare and eat, along with doing the required fat-losing exercises. You will find the ultimate list of healthy cooking apps which are absolutely free to use.


The very first app in this article is Cookpad. This is sometimes dubbed as the social media application of recipes as it makes it very easy to upload photos of cooking and sharing with the world in only few clicks. Various valuable snippets in the form of food allergies and tips by nutritionists are also found here.


Moreover, Cookpad is also called All the Cooks. Do also remember that, very recipe that is inserted into the app ends up as a profile which can be viewed along with related information in relation to the particular food item. The users also have the ability to comment on the food pictures.





Do note that, HelloFresh is much more than a recipe making application, as along with giving important online information with the help of app, it also provides offline solutions when it delivers the recipes along with the related ingredients at your doorstep. The food items are given in pre-measured form.

cooking apps for iPhone and Android

In addition to that, you have the chance to share the many food recipes which are equally healthy and ideal for weight loss. Do also find cooking foods when you rank, save, share and sort the items as per as your needs. Also, you must check out their different meal plans and start cooking them.




SparkPeople Healthy Recipes & Calculator

SparkPeople Healthy Recipes & Calculator is brought to you by the SparkPeople website. The site has one of the largest subscriber bases at around 200,000 who constantly updates new nutritious and healthy recipes for the people to read and make. Also, do note that, this application helps to find low-carbohydrates and low-fat recipes.

SparkPeople Healthy Recipes & Calculator

Moreover, when you want to search best food items for losing the extra belly fat, you will be provided with food items along with the related nutrition information for you to make the correct choice. Do know about the benefits of many healthy recipes and have the ability to track your daily calorie intake.





The Runtasty application is from the makers Runtastic. Do remember that, this is one of the recipe apps that is very easy to use. Also, do take help from the food breakdown which will assist you in getting the best food item on account of protein, calories as well as fat content in it.

Runtasty the cooking apps for iPhone

In addition to that, the different features that are in the Runtasty application includes become a chef, save recipes, search recipes along with learn the basics. This app is equipped with the necessary tools which is useful for those who are learning to cook and the ones who are expert chefs.





This app is one of the best food recipe search engines out there as Yummly will help you in finding the kind of special recipe that are you are on the lookout for. All you need to do is to give them a list of ingredients and the app will show you the cheapest and best recipes which can be made out of them.


Moreover, this application is very useful for those who want to do experiments in their cooking or are looking for trying out new recipes. It will also provide the users with an apt shopping listicle and assist in the subscribers to help find out the best cooking tools that you will ever need.




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Kitchen Stories

When you want to find the best cooking snippets in the application, then go for Kitchen Stories. Along with the snippets, you will also enjoy the videos and photos which are almost necessary to add along with the delicious recipes. Start by choosing a small dish that is quick to make.

Healthy Cooking Apps for Android

In addition to that, there are various menus which are found in the Kitchen Stories app are based on many different themes such as 20-minute dishes along with all-time classics. Do, also remember that, the tutorials for making these healthy recipes are much easy to follow for both new and experienced cooks.





If you are looking for an application, where you can get to follow the best chefs and also food bloggers across the world, then you must definitely opt to use SideChef. Also, become part of the SideChef community and get the chance to share ultimate recipes with the others.


Moreover, you will get to find around 4000 recipes in this app. The recipes are available in various type such as voice commands, photos, timers along with videos. Also, it is easy to go through the recipes as they are available in the form of step-by-step instructional format.




Food Network in the Kitchen

The Food Network in the Kitchen app makers are Food Network. This app specializes in showing the recipes which are available from celebrity chefs from the country and also elsewhere. You must also make your very own recipe consists of all the required ingredients. Also, following the many cooking tutorials.

Food Network in the Kitchen

In addition to that, the application consists of recipes of around 70,000 which includes lunch, dinner along with breakfast. Do also note that, you will be provided with all the necessary information about the cooking instructions from the tops chefs who are part of the Food Network shows.





This is one of the most useful apps to help you the kind of recipe that you want. BigOven boasts of having around 350,000 cooking instructions that you can try out. Do also note that, you have the ability to come up with a grocery list from the foods that you have listed in the app and minimum being only three.

Best food recipe and cooking apps for iPhone and android

Moreover, this is the application that you can use when you need to organize your kitchen and get the most essential food items that you need for the purpose of cooking. The added functionalities that is available in the BigOven app is that, you can share the recipe with friends and family members.




Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes which has supported the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is one of the biggest food communities in the world with around 50 million members. This free application also gives reviews, ratings and pictures of the different recipes. You must also know that, it will help to finds the recipes near your place and show you the cheapest option which is out there.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

In addition to that, the features that you must be using from this application are sorting results according to time taken to cook as well as diet plans. It also provides to the users customized results according to the food items that is liked or hated by the particular user.




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Start to Eat Healthy Foods:

So now, things will become much more easier for those who cannot find the best places to find unlimited number of healthy and gluten-free recipes which are very vital for healthy body and mind. Moreover, there are many superfoods and powerfoods which are named for the many benefits that it provides after you consume it on a regular basis. Also, do remember that, in a later blog, will shall talk about the various paid healthy recipe making applications which are out there, so always keep coming back for the best diet programs. Thus, the time has arrived for the over-weight people who need to start having healthy recipes, to start using the various apps posted above. Do not forget to share your feedback on the same in the comment section below!

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