Health issues that pregnant women needs to watch out for

Common Health issues during pregnancy

Are you getting pregnant? Do you have any complications during pregnancy? We are here to help tackle some of the fears that women have about their pregnancy. This will be useful for both women who will become pregnant and is already going through their pregnancy period.


It is a true fact that being pregnant takes a tool on your health. There are many health problems that pregnant women face. According to U.S. National Library of Medicine, pregnancy issues are serious health conditions along with high blood pressure, obesity and cancer. People get concerned after facing many health irregularities during their pregnancy period but being aware of the different health conditions makes you more aware and ready to tackle the situation better. The different health issues that can happen are listed in this blog namely getting high depression, chances of having backache, feeling case of heartburn, facing body swelling, diagnosing fifth disease, having diabetes, detecting appendicitis, checking breast cancer, having diabetes, do experiencing constipation along with hair and skin problems. The problems discussed below are common to most women and also sometimes rarely diagnosed.

Common Health issues during pregnancy

What are the health problems during pregnancy? Can you name the common problems that you might face during pregnancy? Lose Weight Loss (LWL) team has come up with the list of most concerning health complications that can occur during childbirth and pregnancy.

Get high Depression

One of the main and primary symptoms that pregnant women face during the entire stages of their pregnancy is complaining of severe depression and also headaches. This is coupled with irregular food habits and changes of getting high blood pressure.You can try some yoga asanas which is one of the best way to release stress. 

One of the main mistakes and problems that new young mothers is not getting proper sleep due to many physical and metal changes. Many women complain of severe stress because of the added pressure of handing a new life and ensuring proper birth of the baby.

Chances of Backache

One of the second most vital issues that pregnant mothers face is having cases of backaches, and bodily pains. This is generally seen during the various times of pregnancy. Women also have pains in the vaginal area because of vaginal discharge.

There are cases of picking hormonal levels in women during their pregnancy time. The oestrogen also makes issues of mood swings in the women and there are complains of women craving for more foods and specially during the night s and having less sleep.

Feel case of Heartburn

In addition to many common problems that pregnant women face at the time of being pregnant, many new mothers also have issues of many complex cardio-vascular irregularities and complains of having very sever heartburn. Some women also go for frequent urination.

There are also cases of many bodily marks and changes which are visible from the outside the body such as marks in the pregnant belly, nipples becoming darker, having skin patches in different sections of the body which are also called mask of pregnancy or melasma.

Face Body Swell

The most exhausting and tiresome pregnant women always complain of having sever e cases of body swelling in almost all parts of the body. One of vital mistakes that most women make during the pregnancy season is not going regular visits to the doctor in order to check the health of the mother and the baby.

The types of body swelling s that women experience are pains in the joints, abdomen and also complaining of nervous problems. Most women also suffer from problems of facing much fatigue and much more warmer during their pregnancy period.

Diagnose Fifth Disease

Fifth disease is common among young and adult people and is not seen during that cases of pregnancy. It is important to that getting this disease is considered a very case for pregnant women and is more common in children.

This is a very deadly disease that can also become life-threatening to the pregnant mothers. The different symptoms that women having fifth disease at the time of pregnancy suffer are malaise, fever, illness and also cases of sore throat.

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Detect Appendicitis

These has also been cases of appendix operation for pregnant women. For acute appendicitis, the infected part of the appendicitis is removed from the body of the patient and can be detected when the patient complains of severe pain the stomach area.

As it is very eventful that having cases of appendicitis during the pregnancy period can be very risky for both the mother and the baby. There is almost only surgical procedure. It is very important to minimize the case of any risky during delivery and decrease fatal mortality rate.

Check Breast Cancer

There are many cases of breast cancer at the time of pregnancy. The different symptoms that are found in patients having breast cancer are skin depression, lump in breast area, change in look of the nipple, change in the color of breast and also having discharge of blood from the breast.

It is very important to be aware of the things that can hamper during your pregnancy after being diagnosed with any kind of breast cancer. The most common issues which are found includes cases of childhood cancer for babies, fetal growth becomes slow, miscarriage and also defects during birth.

Can have Diabetes

As you should know, you should definitely have nutritious food during your pregnancy time and dump any fast foods. According to the recommendations of doctors and nutrition experts, you should make a pregnancy diet which is ideal for those mothers who are suffering from diabetes.

There are different forms of diabetes which are classified into types of diabetes as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and gestational diabetes. The diet for diabetic pregnant women should include all form of food nutritions such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals which should also improve health of baby.

Experience Constipation

Having more nutritious foods in large quantities results in cases of bowel issues for pregnant women. Young mother complains of having irregular bowel problems along with constipation issues. It is very important to do exercises to tackle constipation issues.

Many women suffer from constipation during pregnancy. It is very important to treat constipation through various forms of medication. Complains of anal fissures and haemorrhoids are also addresses to the doctors by pregnant women.

Hair and Skin Problems

With the body taking its tool during the time of pregnancy, there are many bodily changes that are impacted to the new mothers. Most of them complains of having hair and skin problems which deteriorates at the pregnancy period.

One of the most important things to tackle for women before and the after the pregnancy period is weight gain and weigh loos. It is never an easy task to lose the belly fat for mothers to shed after giving birth to babies. You should follow a strict weight loss workout routine for the purpose.

Things to Remember:

Thus, you have understood about the common health issues to be aware of and the best ways to tackle them during pregnancy. It is also necessary to take proper diet during the time of pregnancy for your baby(s) and yourself. Moreover, it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle before becoming pregnant and also after childbirth as it is for the well-being of your children and family. However, there are different stages of pregnancy namely divided into first trimester (week 1 to 12), second trimester (week 13 to 28) and third trimester (week 29 to 40) which shows different bodily and mental changes for the pregnant women. So, wishing you best of luck for your healthy pregnancy!

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