10 Power Food combos for weight loss (PART 3)

10 Power Food combos for weight loss

Have you known about food combos? Do you know about the benefits of having superfood combinations? Learn everything that you should know about food combos. The team at Lose Weight Loss (LWL) has find the pairings of foods that you must do in order to control your belly fat and get more fit.


Now, we are going to discuss about healthy and nutritious superfood combos that can work wonders for you body in the long-run. Moreover, it also helps to give you maximum elements that are essential to keep your body strong and free from any ailments. Do remember that, proper diet call also improve your immunity power to a great extent. The weight loss food pairings that we are going to talk about in this post are as follows. They are beans and vegetable soup; oatmeal and nuts; tuna and ginger; potatoes and pepper; eggs and leafy greens; green tea and lemon; steak and broccoli; dark chocolate and berries; quinoa and avocado along with honeydew and watermelon. This article is part of the superfood series and this is the first part of the many superfood combinations diets that we are going to discuss for out heath-conscious readers. Do stay tuned and keep coming back to this section later.

10 Power Food combos for weight loss

What are the top food combinations to try for losing body fat quicker? What are the best food combos for weight loss? I have tried some superfoods but now thinking about eating food combinations so can suggest me which ones are the best and wish help me to lose more pounds? If you want to know about the foods, then do read the blog till the very end.

Beans + Vegetable Soup

The first superfood combination is of a soup contain beans and vegetables. This is considered to be one of the low-calorie foods to take both during the lunch and dinner time. Add you vegetables along with beans of your choice such as black beans or chickpeas which is contains good amount of fiber and protein.

Beans and Vegetable Soup

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • You should start lunch or dinner with soup
  • Combine this meal with other high-calorie diet
  • Beans are vital to lose your weight
  • Is known to fill up your tummy
  • Do add your favorite beans and vegetables

Oatmeal + Nuts

Oatmeal is considered one of the favorite breakfast food for the people of the country. Do remember that, having a stomach-full meal at the start of the day will give your more energy to start work. Adding it with nuts will helps to include protein along with fiber in your diet which is useful to lose weight.

Oatmeal and Nuts

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Do try this breakfast meal
  • Just add some nuts to your oatmeal
  • Combining fiber and protein
  • Useful for required energy at start of day
  • Can work wonders for losing weight

Tuna + Ginger

Amount of omega-3 is very useful for a healthier body and helps to stop unwanted fat growth around the belly. With high portion of protein, tuna should be added with some sprinkles of ginger. Moreover, ginger is also good for further helping in controlling your extra fat as itt increases your metabolism rate and increases inflammation.

tuna weight loss food

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Ginger is known to perfectly supplement tuna
  • Tuna contains amount of omega-3
  • Beneficial for losing your overweight
  • Have your share of protein through tuna
  • Improve inflammation by having ginger

Potatoes + Pepper

When you are adding white potatoes with the right ingredients such as pepper can help to fight belly bloat. However, do remember to never deep-fry the potatoes as it destroys the nutrients that is available in them. You can use use olive oil for cooking the potatoes to keep them healthy.

Pepper weight loss food

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • They are known to contain more fiber
  • Potatoes are rich in potassium
  • Helps to fill up your stomach
  • Pepper can also control your cholesterol
  • You are advised to use olive oil

Eggs + Leafy Greens

It is a proven fact that egg is very beneficial for those who want to lose their belly fat. In addition to that, eggs are known to helps to prevent ailment such as loss of vision. This food can also improve your muscle and better your nails and skin. Do add egg along with some leafy greens to make it a combo.

eggs and leaf green combo

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Egg is known to supplement vegetables through carotenoids
  • Include salad along with egg
  • This food combo is good to lose weight
  • Improve your eyesight through egg
  • Rejuvenate nails ans skins by egg

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Green Tea + Lemon

Next on the list, green tea is a proven item for the purpose of weight loss. However, you will be surprised to know about the added advantages of having this drink when it combined with lemon. This beverage is known to contain an antioxidant in the form of catechins which is useful to burn more pounds quickly.

Green Tea plus Lemon

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • It is a low-calorie beverage
  • Lemon helps in quick digestion
  • This combination makes it more healthier
  • Try to have it every day
  • Is known to have catechins

Steak + Broccoli

This is a classic food combination of greens with meat in form of steak along with broccoli. This is essential for those who are want to have more energy by having a meal. The iron and protein intake from the steak helping in blood flow is supplemented by the vitamin C content which is found in broccoli.

Steak and Broccoli for weight loss

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Useful meal to generate more energy
  • Increase red blood cells count through beef
  • Broccoli is very rich in vitamin C
  • Supplements with protein with vitamins
  • Perfect mix of vegetables and meat

Dark Chocolate + Berries

It is true fact that having dark chocolate is useful for weight loss. One of the best food combination that you can try is adding chocolate with berries. One of the most amazing thing of these food combo is that both the foods contain flavanols, which is an antioxidants along with having anti-inflammatory elements.

dark chocolate and berries for weight loss

Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Seventy percent of cacao is found in dark chocolate
  • Lose weight will help in losing extra fat
  • Antioxidants like flavanols is present
  • Helps you give more energy
  • Known for having anti-inflammatory properties

Quinoa + Avocado

Quinoa is said to be a healthy diet and combining it with another superfood like avocado is very useful to lose your belly fat. While the former is known to contain an amino acid called lysine which is use for burning fat, while the later food is considered as one of the best anti-inflammatory item.


Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Eat healthy fat with avocado
  • Quinoa is useful for muscle growth
  • Also vital for healthier skin
  • You can try it for stronger bones
  • Try anti-inflammatory food with avocado

Honeydew + Watermelon

The last on the list of food combo is a fruit combination that you must try. You can have fruit salad anytime of the day but useful during your breakfast meal. If you are thinking of losing the water weight in your body along with preventing further fat growth, then have honeydew and watermelon.


Reasons to have the food Pairing:

  • Fruit salad is essential for weight loss
  • Know to increase your urine naturally
  • Is useful to curb cholesterol
  • Try this food combo in breakfast
  • Counters fat growth in body

Try Superfood Combinations:

So now, you have understand the amazing benefits of having these foods when one can be paired with another. However, many people do not know that eating these food combos will multiply the nutrition content that you are getting from consuming them. All of the superfood combinations which are mentioned above have all the necessary proteins, minerals and fibers that your body needs. It is important for you to note that, these foods are are useful to increase your metabolism which has long-lasting effects. The mistake that most people make is only eating healthy diet and not doing exercises but these combination is the solution for those who want to have belly-fat free body. Thus, start eating these food combinations and share your experience in the comments which are given below!

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