10 Superfoods that every pregnant women must have

nutritious foods for pregnant women

Having proper diet and maintaining health is essential for pregnant women. The team at Lose Weight loss (LWL) has come up with the complete list of foods which are also called superfoods for their benefits for the health of mothers.


During pregnancy, healthy foods provide the optimum mix of baby-building nutrients. The pregnancy period of the pregnant women can be mainly divided into three sections. Starting in the second trimester, you will need about additional calories in your diet every day. Eating healthy food for the baby and the mother is essential.Here are some choice foods to add to your pregnancy diet which includes all the necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals and the other important nutritious elements which are important for keeping the healthy of the newborn and also the mother. In our previous post we already discuss about the common health issues occurred during pregnancy about which every pregnant women should be aware off.  

nutritious foods for pregnant women

What are the list of best foods to eat for pregnant mothers? I am pregnant, so can you suggest me about the kinds of foods that I must have for better health of the baby? The list of superfoods given in the post explains all the given questions.


Yogurt is vital for pregnant mothers. as one cup of plain yogurt earns you 30 percent of your daily calcium requirement. If your baby does not get enough calcium from the food you eat, the baby will take it from your bones instead.

Yogurt is often fortified with probiotics, good gut bacteria that may reduce your baby’s risk for developing eczema or other allergies later in life. Go for the plain varieties and sweeten with some fruit and cinnamon or ginger.


Eggs are an important food for as they contain important fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D, which can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and low birthweight Egg whites may have more protein.

The yolk contains almost all of an egg’s choline which is a mineral that plays a role in your baby’s brain health and which partners with folic acid to reduce the risk of neural-tube defects, which is important for any pregnant women.


Kale is needed for providing your day’s share of vitamins A and C, this leafy green boasts two vital pregnancy nutrients: folic acid, for helping to prevent birth defects, and calcium, for building Baby’s bones.

Kale also contains potassium, which can help reduce water retention, a perk you’ll appreciate as you get closer to full term. Aim to eat a cup of kale or other dark leafy green vegetables three times a week and mix it with olive oil, garlic, and raisins as a side dish, or add a handful to soup or tomato sauce.


Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world. The world’s most portable snack also contains about 10 percent of your daily needs for potassium, a mineral that can help you avoid pregnancy-related hypertension.

Bananas are also essential for keeping your blood pressure under control during pregnancy can also reduce your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes five to ten years down the road.


Avocados are considered one of the most essential fruits for weight loss and also very much delicious. You can eat them plain, use them to make guacamole, put in salads and even in smoothies.

This nutrient dense food is high in potassium and also monounsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, it only is it a great pregnancy superfood, but it’s an amazing baby’s first food too, so do have it.


The pineapple is known to help prepare a woman’s cervix for labor. Apparently, pineapple contains prostaglandins which can help soft the cervix making it more favorable for labor. which is vital for pregnancy.

Pineapple is delicious on its own, eaten frozen or in smoothies. Moreover, this pregnancy superfood is high in other vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin C which is also an useful nutrition which is needed for babies.

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Almonds and nuts are vital as a quarter cup of these healthy nuts or 2 tablespoons of almond butter delivers more than a third of your daily dose of vitamin E, which plays a role in your infant’s brain development.

Moreover, since almonds are protein-rich, a handful may stave off hunger pangs better than noshing on salty, empty-calorie snacks, such as crackers or pretzels. Do not take in large amounts as it may hamper your digestive system.


Broccolis are the florets contain a higher concentration of nutrients and phytochemicals than the rest of the plant, though the stems and leaves are also nutritious. One of my favorite things about broccoli is that it is a great source of folate.

It also sometimes called folic acid, is an essential nutrient for a growing baby which is more bio-available than the synthetic folic acid found in enriched food products and in most store bought vitamins.


Oatmeal has become the favorite breakfast of the Americans and this is all for a reason. Just one cup of this breakfast favorite delivers more than 30 percent of your daily dose of magnesium, which your body needs to build Baby’s bones and teeth.

Getting your 350 to 360 milligrams of magnesium can also reduce your risk of preterm labor, as well as regulate your blood-sugar level and blood pressure. The  health benefits of oatmeals is much as also useful for pregnant women.

Whole Grains

Cereals or whole grains are important. Your favorite bowl of flakes may contain more iron than a serving of spinach and since up to a quarter of expecting women have trouble getting the recommended 27 milligrams of iron daily. Moreover, the mineral could lower your baby’s risk of autism.

You should take whole grains daily as it is also important for ensuring a healthy birthweight and for keeping your energy levels up. The best iron-fortified cereals have 50 percent of your daily iron requirement and contain at least 6 grams of fiber and fewer than 10 grams of sugar per serving.

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Have Healthy Foods during Pregnancy:

So, you have learned about the vital vegetables and fruits combined together as superfoods which are vital for pregnant moms. Do remember that, eating pregnancy superfoods has great rewards. Out of all the superfoods, we found the ones that deliver the most bang for a bump. It also helps to reduce the risk of birth defects, encourage healthy fetal development, or help prevent pregnancy complications. Though most mothers cannot resist a craving but it is always recommended by doctors and nutritionists to complement it with healthy foods. Thus, wishing you best of luck for your pregnancy and future baby(ies)!

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