10 Best Superfoods to maintain Oral Hygiene

10 Foods to improve oral health

Are you having oral health issues? Are your teeth becoming brittle or falling off earlier than expected? Do you also suffer from the condition of bad breath? Did you notice your teeth turning more yellowish? If you have experienced any of these problems in relation to your oral hygiene, then you have come to the right place. Lose Weight Loss (LWL) is here to provide all the answers.


Now, let us talk about the top powerfoods that you must consume on a regular basis for having powerful teeth and better oral health. Also, do remember that the names consist of both foods and drinks or beverages which are considered to be very healthy. The blame for having problems in you teeth generally goes to bad oral health along with poor diet plans. As per American Dental Association, it is important to have the right foods for the purpose of keeping your teeth strong for a long period of time. All the foods that are posted sown are all approved by nutrition and oral experts. They are namely bell peppers, black tea, sweet potatoes, raisins, salmon, onions, edible mushrooms, soy, oranges and also eucalyptus.

10 Foods to improve oral health

What are the foods that you must not eat if you to want to have better oral condition? What the things that should kept in mind for the need of having stronger gum and teeth along with preventing any cases of tooth decay? I am suffering from oral issues for a long time and have tried many solutions without much success, so can you help me find natural solutions in the form of superfoods which can help to counter and problems in relation to teeth? Find the ultimate list of foods for better teeth.

Bell Peppers

The first superfood that have made to the list is bell pepper. There are many types of peppers such red, green and yellow, which are found in the market and are considered to be healthy for your body. When you are suffering from weak gum, it can help to make it stronger.

Also, the many form of nutrients which you will get in peppers are potassium, fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C along with folic acid. This particular food item is useful to increase the immunity system of your teeth when they attacked by any type of harmful bacteria.

Black Tea

There is glucosyltranferase which is a bacterial enzyme that is known to cause damage to your teeth. By drinking black tea, you can easily counter it. Also, it is very vital for you to know that, dentists suggest people to drink tea over harmful drinks and beverages.

If you have dental plaque as the acid which is found in the black tea is known to fight the plaque and reduces the growth of cavities inside the teeth. The many different useful elements which are found in tea such as fluoride and polyphenols are ideal to attack oral germs.

Sweet Potatoes

The various elements which are found in sweet potatoes are vitamins C, E, B along with beta-carotene, fat, minerals like zinc, calcium as well as protein and carbohydrates making it very useful for the need of strong teeth and gums.

Moreover, the cavities which are found in the teeth can be prevented by consuming sweet potatoes as the potassium content in this powerfood can salivary function which helps in formation of pH in the mouth and assist in fighting cases like tooth decay. In addition to above sweet Potatoes also helps to improve digestion


The raisins are known to contain oleanolic which is a phytochemical and can help to fight bacteria that causes decay in your teeth. You will also be surprised to know that products such as dental floss are made of products from this fruit making it good for your teeth.

Many useful nutrients which are available in raisins are oleanolic acid, antioxidants along with betulinic acid which are useful for those who are having cavities in their teeth. Try to have raisins on a regular basis and include them in different foods that you eat.


The next food which is best for your oral health is salmon. You should always go for wild salmon as they tend to contain much more useful nutrients which are ideal for better teeth. The most essential elements which ca be found in salmon are omega-3 fatty acids, protein, cholesterol along with vitamin D.

Do understand the calcium in the fish is known to help in maintaining your teeth and stop them for getting decayed faster. In addition to teeth, calcium can also assist in preventing many other harmful diseases and so include it in your food chart.


One of the most nutritious food item, which is known for its pungent smell is onion. The many kinds of health benefits that you will find in onions are helping to fight osteoporosis, decreasing cases of inflammation in the body along with detoxification.

Onion is a kind of food item which is useful when they eaten in raw state. There are anti-microbial as well as anti-bacterial properties which are found in the onion which helps to fight gum diseases and for of bad bacteria inside your mouth for the purpose of oral health.

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Edible Mushrooms

There are many types of mushrooms which can be bought, and this is one of tooth-friendly foods to have. Also, different ways are available for you to eat mushrooms such as fry, steam and grill. However, you can have this superfood as part of salad.

The many kind of nutrients which are found in the macrofungi called as mushroom are lentinan, anti-microbial elements, sodium, magnesium, potassium are very useful for the reason of preventing any form of tooth decay and reduces plaque in the teeth.


Most people do not know about the relation between healthy gums and teeth, But, for the reason of keeping your teeth more strong, it is essential to have powerful gums. Any cases of periodontal disease can be prevented by the use of soy.

Moreover, you should also know that, soy can be added into other powerfoods to make superfood combinations. However, there are cases you need to know when soy milk is not a good option to try as it can hamper your teeth and help in tooth decay. In addition to having dental properties soybean also helps to encounter heart diseases


The superfruit for better teeth is orange. However, it is advised to brush your teeth after you have orange due to citrus content in this food. You also have water which is clean right after you have consumed orange for keeping your teeth in better shape.

If you have any kind of gum disease, then having oranges can help to strengthen the tissues and blood vessels resulting you to fight the disease. In case of having inflammation around your teeth, oranges can help to counter this issue and also reduce the impact.


The last food in this list of oral-friendly powerfoods is eucalyptus. When you are having problems such as swollen teeth or decay of gums, then you can definitely go for this very useful plant. It further helps to bring normalcy to the soft issues of the mouth.

All you need to do is rub the eucalyptus plant over the affected areas around your teeth. It is a true fact that many people tend to suffer from inflammation of internal membrane along with tartar and plaque which tends to grow in the sockets of your teeth.

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Powerfoods for Stronger Teeth:

So now, after going through these foods, you will have better understanding about right eating habits which are vital for proper health of your teeth and gums. The diet plans will help to cure your teeth problems in a natural manner if you continue to eat them over a period of time regularly. in addition to that, there are certain elements which are fond in the above given food items which are very useful for improving the condition of your teeth. These are health problems in terms of your oral condition that is faced such as cavities, periodontal disease along with dental distress. Thus, the time has come for the people who are having oral hygiene issues to consider looking through the foods and adding them to their daily food chart. Moreover, you should also share you feedback without fail!

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