Common health disorders that you must know about

Common health disorders that you must know about

Given is the list of the most common types of health-related disorders to be aware of. The causes, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and also prevention of the given diseases are explained in details in the below post.


The main problem that the medical community faces is less awareness among the population about the deadliest common diseases which affect most of the people. According to study, more that half of yearly deaths in the world are caused due to these common health disorders. The most striking part of it includes that most of these deadly diseases can be prevented in an early age which can save numerous lives across the world. We have discussed in this article about the easy ways to detect the symptoms of the diseases and stop the spread of these diseases.

Common health disorders that you must know about

What are the most common health problems to be aware of? How to detect any kind of health issues and prevents them from affecting our body? Keep reading about the dreaded kinds of disorder or diseases which should be detected early and stop from having any health-related complications.

Cancer Disease

The cancer disease is still considered as the most dreaded of the diseases. It is important to know that there are many types of cancers that affect the body such as lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and many more.

The kinds of cancer diseases are caused due to abnormal kind of cell growth which affects the body. The different kinds of symptoms for cancer related diseases are cough, weight loss, abnormal bowel and also cases of irregular kinds of bleeding.

Overweight and Obesity

Many people in the present world thanks to junk good and sedentary lifestyle specially of the urban population suffer from high obesity. Obesity is taking epidemic proportions in the age of internet and is one of the most dreaded disorders which should be tackled.

The main causes for obesity or overweight is the intake of excess calories which results in the formation of fats around the body. The risk factors for suffering from being overweight are heart-related diseases, diabetes and also high-blood pressure. You need to have proper diet and do workout to check fat growth.

Poliomyelitis Disease

Poliomyelitis is the medical term for polio disorder and is one of the most common diseases from across the world. It is considered an infectious disease which is caused due to weakness in muscle resulting in paralysis in some parts of the body.

Named as one of the top childhood diseases, it can be prevented by proper kind of diagnosis and medication. Taking polio vaccine, physical therapy, occupational therapy along with orthopedic surgery are the only ways of recovery from this kind of disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Many old-age people suffer from memory loss or some kinds of dementia which is also called Alzheimer’s disease. The different symptoms of this disorder are decrease in reasoning and thinking abilities along with loss in memory which affects their daily activities.

The cure for the disorder is different kinds of medications to handle specific problems that the patient suffers from. Along with medicinal drugs, therapy and care is required to lessen the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the patient.

Substance Use Disorder

The drug use disorder is also called as substance use disorder (SUD) is the use of some harmful substances in your body. People use some psychoactive drugs as the form of substance which causes further dependence and addiction which gradually decorates the health of the patient.

The many kinds of substance abuse disorders are generally classified into intake of harmful substances such as opioid, cocaine, alcohol and amphetamine. Visiting a rehabilitation center and taking proper medication helps help to cure these kinds of disorders.

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Cataract Disorder

Though cataract is considered as an old-age disease but can also affect the younger generation. The main symptoms for the disease includes less vision for the patient due to clouding in the eye lens. Not taking preventive measures in the right time may result in permanent blindness.

The different reasons which can cause trauma and also old age, and which can later cause diabetes for the patient. The cataract operations where the affected lens is replaced with an artificial one is the only kind of solution to cure it.


First of all, it is important to note that HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome) are inter-related where the former is a kind of virus and the latter is syndrome. It is one of the most talked about diseases across the world.

HIV/AIDS is a kind of infections which weakens the immunity system of the body and is caused by infection. This disease is spread because of unprotected or oral sex practices. Though there is no proper cure to the disease but tests are going on to reduce its impact in the body.

Mental Issues

It is important to treat these disorder like any other health issues and proper medication should be advised in order to stop it at an early stage. The proper ways to check its growth is support from parents or guardians, psychotherapy along with right psychiatric medication.

With high competition among the present generation, causes or depression and suicide is increases along the younger population. These symptoms further aggravates in to complicated mental problems which affect the well-being and prosperity of the person.

Your Takeaway:

Thus, you have learned about the most common dreaded disease which the world population and everyone needs to aware of. These kinds of diseases affect all the demographics of the populations ranging from children, adults to the older people. One of the most unfortunate part is that, there is no proper cure for some of the disorders and needs therapy and medications to lessen the affects. To stop these diseases to spreading to more people, it is important to have proper awareness about them and detection of the symptoms at a much earlier stage which will prevent its growth. Fighting these diseases will further increase the health condition of the world population and lead to fitter and healthier lifestyle.

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