10 Best Vegetarian Superfoods to have now

10 vegetarian Superfoods to have now

Have you ever tried vegan foods? Do you have any desire to become a vegetarian? Do you know about the various types of advantages that you can enjoy after eating vegan diet? What are the things to remember before turning to vegetarian food plan? The team atย Lose Weight Loss (LWL) is here to help you find the perfect balance on your vegan meal plan.


Now, let us talk about the things to keep in mind for eating vegan foods. In addition to that, there are many things that you should implement for the purpose of successful implementation of vegan foods into your diet plan. You will be surprised to know that, more and more people are turning to vegan lifestyle in order to have healthier way of life. However, it is easy to know that shifting your diet chart is not an easy task but needs much preparations and the right mindset in order to implement it in a successful manner. The names of the superfoods which we will be discussing in detail in this post are kiwi, pomegranate, oats, apples, lentils, walnuts, berries, lemon, brussel sprouts and also mangosteen.

10 vegetarian Superfoods to have now

What are the major mistakes that are made while shifting your eating habit towards a vegetarian diet plan? What are the things that are the essential food qualities that are important to be included in a superfood in order to make it to the list of best vegan powerfoods? I am thinking of becoming a vegan, so can you guys guide me with the top-most food items which I must start to consume now. To know the answers, read the post till the end.


The first powerfood which is part of the vegan foods items is kiwi. It is important to keep in mind that this power fruit is known to be loaded with essential vitamins and minerals along with dietary fiber and works in many ways to give you nutritional boost and assisting in prevention of numerous diseases.


In addition to that, you will be surprised to know that kiwi fruit helps to keep your tummy full for longer period of time along with controlling metabolic markers like blood pressure, cholesterol as well as blood sugar.


This super fruit are very considered to be good for your health. Do remember that, among the many superfruits, pomegranate is much favored for the various qualities that it has which makes it useful for the women population.

Pomegranate the best healthy vegan food

Though this food item be eaten by all but is recommended by doctors to the women who have a tendency to become anemic due to menstruation and pregnancy. Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that this particular super fruit helps the body to produce more blood.


It is vital to note that the oatmeal is known to consists of many types of useful elements such as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, folate, vitamin b1 called as thiamin along with vitamin B5 which is called as pantothenic acid.


In addition to that, the vital ingredients which you will find in this power food item are fiber which includes powerful fiber beta-glucan, vitamins and antioxidant plant compounds as well as protein which makes it a well-balanced meal.


The next superfood in this list is going to be apples which are known to be high in vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and they contain four grams of fiber per medium-size fruit, which is more than a cup of spinach or kale. So, try to have apples.


In addition to that, you should know that, there are many ways to enjoy a meal using apples as this fruit is are also great for heart health due to their high pectin content which is a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol in the body and helps keep you full longer.


You should keep in mind that lentils and they are one of the best sources of iron you can consume of all legumes and you should know that this particular superfood is are also high in plant-based protein with more protein per ounce.


Moreover, lentils have also been shown to regulate insulin levels, contribute to better cardiovascular health, help regulate digestion and feed healthy gut bacteria, and contribute to a reduced risk of diabetic symptoms. You may also like to read our post regarding the Best Foods for Diabetic Patient.ย 


You show that nuts are one of the healthiest foods which has multiple benefits that you can enjoy. According to doctors, nuts and dry fruits are rich in protein, fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamins which should be included in your meal plan.


In addition to that, it is a known fact that, there are many forms of nuts which are available in the market. The walnuts are considered to be useful for your body and said to be have many advantages at the same time. However, these food item can also be eaten as part of various recipe charts.


Do always keep in mind that the particular reason for berries being preferred by vegan people because of the nutritious elements in them. For the specific case of goji berries, you must know that it is available in the dry form.


Moreover, this food item is rich in known be very rich in vitamin A and is a powerhouse of antioxidants and the nutritionists say that goji berries actually have more Vitamin C than oranges, more beta carotene than carrots, and is packed with much iron content.

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This superfood is known to have multiple qualities which are ideal for those who are vegan. Do note that, lemon is known to work wonders for helping your body to stay hydrated and there are many ways to have food combinations like lemonade or you can add it to your meals to make it rich in Vitamin C.


In addition to that, you will be surprised to know about the various advantages of having lemons. According to the nutrition experts, it is known that vitamin C helps our bodies to absorb iron efficiently.Eating citrus fruits such as lemons has been associated with a lower risk of cancer in some studies. In our previous post we already discuss about the anti-cancer powerfoods to know.ย 

Brussel Sprouts

The specific leafy green vegetable has traits that can promote weight loss, aid in digestion, and potentially prevent heart disease and cancer. Any kind of green vegetables are considered good for your body but Brussel sprouts is preferred by all vegan food lovers.

Brussel Sprouts the healthy vegan superfood

In addition to that, you should also know about brussels sprouts are easy to include in most meal plans and the number of possible preparation methods can help you squeeze them into your diet. Moreover, even if your family consists of picky eaters who blanch at the thought of traditional boiled varieties.


You should that the outer part of the fruit is thick and rubbery while the inside is sweet, delicious, snow white segments similar in design to that of an orange and each segment contains one to four bitter-tasting seeds.


In addition to that, they are low in calories and high in fiber and do remember that this particular super food have lots of essential nutrients. However, you will not find any kind of saturated fats or cholesterol in it.

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Have Vegan Meal Daily:

So now, these above food items will help you find the names of the superfoods which are vital for beginning your vegan meal. In addition to that, it needs to be kept in mind that all the nutrients which are needed for proper functioning of your body should be consumed as part of your vegan meal. In a an earlier post, we have talked about the best foods items which you can have during the winter season. Do not forget to read that particular article and come back to this section for more exciting news and updates on the best powerfoods to eat. Thus, the time has come for the readers to go through the list of foods which are talked about in the above list and start having them. However do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us after you have turned vegan!

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